It seems like every week something new is opening in Bushwick. The rapidly developing neighborhood has no shortage of bars or restaurants or music venues to check out if you feel like trying something new. With all these openings, it is inevitable that places will close as well.

It’s just the life cycle of the market. And it’s not only old neighborhood spots that have been around for years (or decades). New places have abruptly and unexpectedly closed as well. That being said, let’s take a look at some of our beloved spots that have closed since the beginning of 2016. In loving memory…

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Fritzl’s Lunch Box

Photo: Bushwick Daily archives

Fritzl’s, famous for its burgers, closed just last month after the owner stated he needed some much needed family time.

The Acheron

Photo: Bushwick Daily archives

The punk and metal scene’s cult favorite closed just this past weekend with one last show to end on a high note. At least we still have Anchored Inn and their famous burgers.

Northeast Kingdom

Photo: Bushwick Daily archives

Perhaps the biggest collective loss on this list. Northeast Kingdom was not only Michelan approved, but a neighborhood favorite for at least ten years. At least their former chef moved around the block and opened his own place around the corner, Faro, which is easily one of the best new restaurants to open in Bushwick in the past few years.


Photo: Bushwick Daily archives

In the first few weeks of this year, Lorenzo’s was one of the first to go. They had a lot going for them: a great location, a fantastic cocktail menu, and already established and popular sister bar/restaurants. Despite all this, they closed “abruptly for no particular reason” in the early days of 2016. Unfortunately, this no particular reason may have had something to do with their alleged sub-par menu choices.

The Shop Brooklyn

Photo: Bushwick Daily archives

After only thirteen months, this Starr street BBQ joint and music venue closed quickly and unexpectedly, surprising everyone, including the staff.


Photo: Bushwick Daily archives

You loved it or you hated it, but Alaska was a Bushwick/East Williamsburg staple. Though not technically closed yet, be prepared to bid this bar adieu in the coming weeks.

Dear Bushwick

Photo: Bushwick Daily archives

The location is still there, operating at full capacity, but a complete management, menu, and chef change makes Dear Bushwick’s turnover to Sincerely Burger count on this list.

El Mio Cid

Photo: Google Maps

Tapas? Sangria? No more. This long-time Bushwick fun restaurant on Starr says goodbye as well–can you believe it?


Photo: Amauris M./Yelp

It’s not easy to make it as a coffee shop in Bushwick as the competition is pretty fierce. This 203 Wilson Ave. coffee shop opened in April 2015 and didn’t even manage to put together a full website before it closed. The last time we heard of it was in April on their Facebook page. RIP…