Photo: Jesse Hover/Twitter

Perhaps you don’t care because in Bushwick we get a lot of celebrity appearances as it is, Roberta’s Pizza being responsible for a bunch of them, but we thought we’d mention anyway.

A-lister Jennifer Aniston, the ultimate Friends star, the stripper/mother from Meet The Millers and an unforgettable sex-hungry boss from Horrible Bosses, made an appearance in Bushwick/East Williamsburg yesterday at around 8 p.m. She was headed for Roberta’s, tells us Jesse Hover, who posted a video of the star on Twitter.

“[…] besides my roommate and I, [there were] and 2 paparazzi photographers, [and] one lady and I don’t even think she looked up from reading her magazine on the bench outside during the whole occurrence,” Jesse told us. “I looked over at my roommate and her jaw was dropped when she realized who it was. Also, I noticed Jen looked to be covering her stomach from the car to the building with her jacket,” added Jesse sheepishly. If you are a regular reader of gossip magazines, you know that Jennifer has been rumored to be pregnant with twins, even though she never confirmed nor denied.

Roberta’s Pizza, which is reportedly in the process of being sold to an heir of New York’s moneyed Tisch family, has served food to Bill Clinton’s birthday party; Beyonce who stormed out on Jay-Z; as well as to Ava DuVernay, a director of ‘Selma.’

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— jesse hoover (@jesse_hoover) June 21, 2016