Drunken late night food sign. (All photos by Gustavo Ponce for Bushwick Daily)

Upon release of a recent roundup of late night eats in the nabe, many of you drunk, hungry denizens of Bushwick accurately pointed out that we may have overlooked a few delicious spots in our dear neighborhood. And who are we to exclude any great (or even just good) options our there? So, by popular demand, here is our expanded list, in no particular order.

Montana’s Trail House

Montana’s offers a Southern-inspired menu all day, but is kind enough to shorten it and offer late night eats from 11:30pm to 3am. Options include the famed pulled bbq chicken sandwich ($6) or a good old fashioned sausage corn dog ($5), among other things.

Montana’s Trail House located at 445 Troutman Street between Cypress Ave & St Nicholas Ave. Hours: 3pm-4am Monday-Friday, 11am-4am Saturday, 11am-12am Sunday. Tel: (917) 966-1666.

Photo courtesy of Hi Hello.

Hi Hello

Hi Hello serves food until 1am. So, although technically late night, it’s not going to be the last stop on your big night out. However, it makes a great mid-drinking stop to fill up on some amazing sandwiches (in the $9-13 price range) such as roast beef with truffle cheese whiz and vegetarian sloppy joes before you continue a Bushwick bar crawl.

Hi Hello is located at 247 Starr St on the corner of Starr St & Wyckoff Ave. Hours: Monday-Saturday 11am-4pm & 5pm-1am, Sunday 11am-4pm & 5pm-12am. Tel: (718) 381-7200.

bodega donation

The Bodega Wine Bar

This late night tapas and wine bar generously serves food until 1:30am. It’s not really appropriate for a drunken munchies stop in, but highly suggested for a spanish style late night dinner with $9 sandwiches and $5 small plates extending into the early hours of the morning with friends and copious amounts of wine.

The Bodega Wine Bar is located at 24 St Nicholas Ave on the corner of Troutman St & St Nicholas Ave. Hours: Sunday-Thursday 12pm-2am, Friday & Saturday  12pm-3am. Tel: (347) 305-3344.

Photograph by Alonzo Maciel

Duncan’s Burgers

Duncan’s Burgers, the burger cart located on Troutman St beloved for delivering to all your favorite neighborhood bars, is unique on this list because the food comes directly to your barstool, via text message ordering no less! They have a menu with something for everyone, from your classic beef burger to a vegetarian burger to the “pooch pattie,” for those nights when your pup is your drinking buddy. Burgers start at $3.50.

Duncan’s Burgers cart is located at 445 Troutman St between Wyckoff Ave & St. Nicholas Ave and delivers to Pearl’s, Three Diamond Door, The Johnsons, The Keep, The Cobra Club, & The Sampler. Open daily 6pm-1am. Text (406) 838-6226 or call (646) 389-4638 to order.

Welcome to Koda (all photos courtesy of Koda)


This bar and restaurant on Flushing offers some great food at affordable prices. While it is mainly Thai-inspired, they also offer options like burgers and healthy salads in the $9-11 range. Oh, and 50 cent wings on Tuesdays? Yes please. Their kitchen is open until midnight, so don’t get there too late in the night.

Koda is located at 985 Flushing Ave between Bogart St & Evergreen Ave. Hours: Monday-Friday 5pm-4am, Saturday & Sunday 12pm-4am. Tel: (347) 223-4026.

(photo by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily)

The Rookery

The Rookery’s British-inspired fare during the transitions into great late night burgers. All their patties are from Pat La Frieda Meat Purveyors and make for a great late night option. Enjoy alongside a pint on their awesome U-shaped bar or one of their big booths surrounded by eccentric British-themed decorations.

The Rookery is located at 425 Troutman Street. Hours: Monday-Friday 12pm-4am, Saturday & Sunday 11am-4am. Tel: (718) 483-8048

Hana Foods (photo: Angela Altus for Bushwick Daily)

Hana Natural

It’s 4am. All the bars are closed. All the restaurants have been closed for at least an hour. And all you want before calling it a night is a big sandwich. Tried-and-true Hana’s is there for you. Order from their massive overhead menu and maybe even get some grocery shopping out of the way for your impending Sunday while you wait.

Hana Natural is located at 24 Wyckoff Ave between Starr St & Troutman St. Hours: Open daily 24 hours. Tel: (718) 417-7747

*Also, shout out to all the 24-hour bodegas who will serve you up beef patties and bacon, egg, and cheeses when all else fails, and the good old-fashioned fast food chains that paved the way for this artisanal comfort cuisine!