Introducing Duncan’s Fancy, The Juicy New Burger Biz Now In House At Bushwick’s The Johnsons

The Johnson’s

Big changes are on the horizon for Duncan’s Burgers: the late night burger delivery service has teamed up with one of Bushwick’s favorite dive bars! Last Wednesday, Duncan’s officially began serving up burgers in the front room of The Johnson’s on Troutman St, just off the Jefferson L. Dubbed “Duncan’s Fancy”, the venture will feature an expanded version of Duncan’s current, simple burger options.

Galen Duncan, founder of Duncan’s Burgers, began serving up burgers to Bushwick in 2014 when he set up his burger cart in the kitchen of The Rookery before becoming an independent burger slinger, who was often stationed behind The Bodega Wine Bar. He also set up in the kitchen of AP Cafe during the cold months to beat the winter chill: he’s a self-described “burger gypsy” moving from location to location, trying to find the best place to cook. But all the while, he’s been delivering his delicious burger creations to drunken bargoers (who can order via test message) throughout Bushwick.

Courtesy of Duncan’s Burgers.

Management at The Johnson’s had always wanted to introduce some kind of food service at their beloved spot, but juggling a bar and a full kitchen can be serious undertaking: as such, when Duncan walked in one day and pitched the idea, it struck them as a perfect pairing.

Duncan tells Bushwick Daily that he could not be more thrilled to have a place to “hang his hat and call home.” It will allow him to get more creative with his menu options and experiment with more than just burgers.

At the moment, the centerpiece of the menu is a bigger, more toppings-heavy burger than the no frills offering currently adored by Duncans patrons, and as Duncan and his team settle into their new kitchen, they plan to introduce fried chicken sandwiches, fish filets, and french fries.

Duncan also wants to bring back his handpies, and is even flirting with the idea of serving brunch options on weekends. As always, his ingredients are still sourced from local vendors who are committed to high standards: Duncan gets his burger meat from Foster Sundry on Knickerbocker and his veggie patties are made by local seitan makers extraordinaire Monk’s Meats.

A burger by Duncan’s. Photo by Suzanna Heldring for Bushwick Daily.

Despite all going on at The Johnson’s, Duncan is confident that including food won’t alter the vibe of the tried-and-true bar all that much. Ordering will be “Australian-stlye:” no table service, just a little window where patrons put in their requests and pick up their eats.

“The Johnsons has always been a place to chill and relax; now it’s a place to chill, relax, and eat,” Duncan explains. It will still very much be a drinking bar rather than a dining experience due to the quick and easy nature of the menu options: Duncan’s mission has always been to make flavorful, non-pretentious food. “Tell me what you want and I will make it,” he proposes.

Duncan is abundantly passionate about what he does, evidenced by his many ideas for now and for the future. Duncan’s Fancy at The Johnsons is the first in a long list of ideas for growing his business, so stay tuned for news of many more great things coming from the Duncan’s Burgers crew!

Duncan’s Fancy is located at The Johnson’s at 369 Troutman Street between Irving Ave and Wyckoff Ave. Hours: 3pm-2am Monday-Friday & 1pm-2am Saturday & Sunday. Tel: 406-838-6226.

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