Inside the Starliner. Photo by Kevin Hoopes for Bushwick Daily.

This past Sunday, March 20th, was the official first day of Spring! The bar and restaurant scene of Bushwick is ever-changing, growing, and evolving, and this winter was a big season for that: now that the spring season is officially here and warmer days are imminent, let’s take a look back and see what new places opened this winter—they may well turn out to be your spring and summertime go-to spots.

Behold: Bushwick’s beautiful newcomers:

1. Bad Old Days

1684 Woodbine St

Photo by Alonzo Maciel for Bushwick Daily

This cozy bar has a homey feel complete with a fireplace and an extensive collection of books and boardgames. Curl up on the couch by the fire while there’s still some winter chill in the air.

2. Juno 

1264 Myrtle Ave

Photo by Angela Altus for Bushwick Daily

The owners of Bossa Nova Civic Club brought us Juno, a classic diner with a modern twist.

3. Bonus Room 

991 Wyckoff Ave

Photos courtesy of owners

The owners of Heavy Woods and The Bodega opened their third bar off the Halsey stop this winter, which has a basement feel completed by a pool table, pinball machines, board games, and eight beers on tap.

4. Syndicated 

40 Bogart St

Photo courtesy of Michael Tulipan

Bushwick’s own variation on Nighthawk Cinema off the Morgan stop is a combination movie theater, bar, and restaurant —with newly launched brunch service! This place literally has it all; it’s the perfect place to hang out any time of the day or week, whatever mood you’re in.

5. Terra Firma 

119 Ingraham St

Photo by Bridget Kenny for Bushwick Daily

Formerly Brooklyn Fire Proof East Cafe, this resto offers Southern-inspired breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus designed by Nashville born chef Chris Sterna.

6. Yours Sincerely 

41 Wilson Ave

Yours Sincerely (All photos by Mark Davis for Bushwick Daily)

This bar is an extension of the (former) Dear Bushwick right next door, serving up craft cocktails on tap.

7. The Starliner 

1446 Myrtle Ave

Photo by Kevin Hoopes for Bushwick Daily

Open off the Myrtle-Wyckoff  stop since January, this huge bar has plenty of seating and a 1950s vibe with cruise liner decor elements.

8. Sunnyvale 

1031 Grand St

Photo by Ali Boin for Bushwick Daily

A 2,500 square foot (plus some) music venue with the heart of a DIY space, Sunnyvale features unique cocktails and a good beer selection.

9. Brooklyn Kava 

191 Suydam St

Photo by Angela Altus for Bushwick Daily

Brooklyn’s first kava cafe was opened by kava distributors who decided it was time to open a retail space. They offer full cafe menu in addition to kava cocktails. Just a few blocks from Maria Hernandez, this is an ideal place to stop in for a coffee (or a kava, of course!) on your way to the park on a warm spring day.

10. House of Kava 

238 Central Ave

Photo courtesy of House Of Kava

Kava is gaining mainstream popularity, and House of Kava opened a week after Brooklyn Kava. This spot is organized around traditional kava, and the intimate space feels as laid-back as a living room, featuring comfy couches and pillows and classic board games.

11. Precious Metal 

143 Troutman St

Photo by Owen Conway for Bushwick Daily

The owners of Pine Box Rock Shop are proud to present Precious Metal, the slightly more “grown-up, but just as accessible” version of its sister bar. Precious Metal will feature “a cocktail-based menu paired with a more esoteric beer list.”

12. Gold Sounds 

44 Wilson Ave

Photo by Angela Altus for Bushwick Daily

This new music venue on Wilson Ave off the Morgan stop was opened by scene veterans Chip Su and Cenk Eryaman. Thanks to their extensive booking experience, this place will be hosting great shows almost every night of the week.

13. The Shipwreck Lounge

383 Troutman St

Photo courtesy of Shipwreck Lounge

The elusive Shipwreck Lounge is only opened to the public Thursday thru Saturday from 1am until 4am, though Grand Paradise ticketholders can stop by immediately after every performance. The 1970s tropical beach theme mirrors the experience of The Grand Paradise itself.

14. Father Knows Best 

611 Wilson Ave

Photo by Mark David for Bushwick Daily

Bushwick is certainly not lacking in brunch, bar, and coffee joints. However, they get fewer and farther between the further towards Canarsie you go on the L train. Father Knows Best came to the rescue of those off the Wilson stop, offering all three of those things. With food all day, and drinks late into the night, and a big outdoor area, this will be a great Bushwick hangout no matter which stop you live off of.

15. Sincerely Burger

41 Wilson Ave

Photo by Peter Dressel

This one is only semi-new. Dear Bushwick has turned into Sincerely Burger, with the same location and same owner, but new menu, concept, and chef. The once British themed restaurant will now be serving up burgers, fries, and boozy milkshakes.

There you have it, Bushwick! Time to get out of your winter hibernation and go support all the amazing new places that opened recently.