Flowers for all occasion (All photos courtesy of the owners)

SPONSORED—Don’t expect bouquets of roses when walking into Flowers For All Occasions at 1114 DeKalb Ave in Bushwick.

This coffee shop-cum-bar-cum-tavern-cum-gallery is your perfect local gem to grab a beer, coffee or a plate of something delicious while striking a conversation with a friendly looking stranger, or a bartender that actually cares about your well-being. Flowers will pamper your creativity and interconnectedness with its patrons.

To that effect Flowers hosts monthly art shows and other accessible and affordable events for everyone who wants to do something fun without leaving his or her home turf.

Flowers for all occasion_owners

The concept for Flowers For All Occasions is European at heart, where ordering a beer at noon isn’t any more strange than ordering an espresso at midnight. It is a place where people can literally talk, hang out and not break the bank, and also be surrounded by bartenders who live locally and actually care.

Flowers has expanded its menu to include new amazing items like black bean burger with a side of chickpea salad.

Furthermore, their generous daily happy hour will save you a buck off all drinks; or will get you an awesome $8 combo of rustic grilled cheese and a pint of bud.

A brainchild of two artists, Rachel Nelson and Erik Zajaceskowski, denizens of NYC for over 20 years, Flowers has been created with the intention to provide a beautiful and an affordable space for artists, musicians and other free spirits who can still afford to live in this city. Rachel and Erik also run two other local gems — Secret Project Robot and Happy Fun Hideaway.

Flowers for all occasion_owners

Flowers For All Occasions is located at 1114 DeKalb Ave (at Broadway) in Bushwick. They are open daily from noon to 2AM-ish. On the weekends they serve brunch from 11AM. Follow them on Facebook.