Image via Arancini Bros Instagram

Do you remember when the diviest of all Bushwick dive bars, Wreck Room, announced its demise back in June 2014? An unfortunate side casualty was the closure of Arancini Bros next door, a popular purveyor of deep fried risotto balls that tasted especially good after a long night of partying and drinking in Bushwick.

If you were one of the Arancini Bros rice balls lovers, dry your tears. The Low-Down reports that the joint has reopened at Essex Street Market on the Lower East Side on January 3. You can find them right next to Puebla Mexican Food.

According to The Low-Down, the rice balls are available with a variety of fillings, including ragu, mushroom taleggio and basil pesto (among other rotating options). The new menu also includes salads and vegetable sides.

Aside from various pop ups around the city including Broadway Bites and the recent Union Square Holiday Market, the Arancini Bros website also announced that they will begin selling at Whole Foods.

Yum!! Now let’s hop on that M train, rice balls await!

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