The Best New Bushwick Restaurants of 2015

All photos via Bushwick Daily archive unless otherwise stated.

We know you love year-end lists, and so do we. To kick off the December tradition (expect more lists to come in the following days), we have nine fabulous, crazy good, can’t-miss-em restaurants that opened in Bushwick in 2015. Whether these following restos became your new favorite or you’ve never been, consider this post a guide to everything major that happened this past year in Bushwick food news. Go forth, eat, be happy.

1. Faro

436 Jefferson St.

Achieving Roberta’s-like recognition from foodies and Bushwickians, Faro claims the top spot on our list, without a doubt. No other restaurant in Bushwick has garnered so much attention and praise than this little local, Italian-inspired haven by Northeast Kingdom alum Kevin Adey. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: if you haven’t been to Faro, you really must go. Read our review

2. Le Garage

159B Central Ave.

While Le Garage only opened last month, the adorable bistro on Central Ave has already won over locals with its cozy atmosphere, creative cocktails and classic French dishes. Run by mother-daughter duo Rachel and Catherine Allswang, that familiar feeling you get once you enter Le Garage isn’t manufactured – it really is a family affair. Read our review

3. Amaranto

887 Hart St.

With recent praise from the NY Times, Amaranto – opened in March by the Teco family – is continually drawing in locals and outsiders for a taste of Fermin Teco’s wildly tasty Mexican food. While you’ll find the ubiquitous taco on the menu, order one of the chef’s creations like a tamale in a rich mussel broth. You won’t be disappointed. Read our review

4. Lucy’s Vietnamese Kitchen

262 Irving Ave.

Photo by Lucy’s Vietnamese Kitchen

A Smorgasburg favorite for its delicious banh mi, Lucy’s opened a tiny (and I do mean tiny) shop on Irving Ave across from Boobie Trap. You’ll find those tasty Vietnamese sandwiches on the menu alongside pho, perfect for those cold winter days upon us. Read our preview

5. Okiway

1006 Flushing Ave.

Okiway officially introduced Bushwick to okonomiyaki, a savory Japanese pancake made of flour, eggs, and a variety of shredded veggies. Inspired by his extensive travels in Japan, owner Vincent Minchelli opened Okiway in July to a slew of rave reviews. The decor is fun, and the food is playful and delicious. Read our review

6. Hi Hello

247 Starr St.

Photo via @hihellobk

Rumored to be the best sandwich shop in NYC, Hi Hello opened in April in prime Bushwick real estate on the corner of Wyckoff and Starr St. Open for brunch, lunch and dinner, Hi Hello specializes in sandwiches of all shapes and sizes (whether you consider a hot dog a sandwich). Debate it out at this always busy spot in Jefftown. Read our preview

7. The Shop

234 Starr St.

Fret not, Arrogant Swine. You’re not alone. The Shop joined Bushwick’s BBQ ranks when it opened in March after closing its Williamsburg location in 2012. Barbecue, beer and rock n’ roll: The Shop sticks to what it knows and does it well. Read our review

8. Moku Moku

43 Bogart St.

Photo via Moku Moku

We don’t know if this restaurant could be more discreet if it tried. Opened (literally) next door to its sister restaurant Momo Sushi Shack, Moku Moku makes up in delicious food what it lacks in curb appeal. Specializing in yakitori (Japanese barbecue with an emphasis on chicken), Moku isn’t just hawking your run-of-the-mill bird. Since July, they’ve been luring in adventurous foodies with gizzards, tongues and hearts (and lots of tasty veg too). Read our preview

9. BK Jani

276 Knickerbocker Ave.

This last one is a wild card, but not without good reason. In October, along came BK Jani, an ode to the cuisine of Pakistan (opened by a Pakistani). Meat is the name of the game here, from juicy grilled chicken to skirt steak to lamb chops. Laid-back and friendly, BK Jani makes for an ideal lunch or dinner. Done. Read our review

Honorable mentions:

Hell Phone

La Lupe


Queen of Falafel


Did we miss any openings in 2015? Let us know in the comments below!

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