All photos courtesy of Smart Beer/Instagram

The craft beer game has been riding a wave of popularity this decade and New York is no exception. Every city wears their pride for local breweries the same way people cherish their home sports teams and music scenes. Smart Beer, New York’s first and only organic beer producer, has a statement to make on how ingredients are sourced and how lovingly they are added to their own special alchemy.

They’d like to invite you to the Brooklyn launch of their new Golden Ale at Montana’s Trail House this Saturday. The company, based in New Paltz in the Hudson Valley, calls for a sustainable closed-loop production cycle and all non-GMO grains that results in a refreshing, well-balanced and crisp ale fit for a King(s County).

Photos courtesy of Smart Beer

Starting at 2 pm, they’ll be offering all kinds of drink specials at Montana’s with all the entertainment you’d expect from those amazing people. At 8 pm, they’ll be moving the party down the block to hometown favorite Pearl’s Social and Billy Club for an open bar until 9 and then a boozy after party fueled by their bubbly ales.