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Known for his satiating late night burgers, chef Galen Duncan is bringing a new treat to Bushwick — the handpie.

You might be wondering, what exactly is a handpie? Galen explains, “Handpies are like a fancy hot pocket and happen to be a perfect late night bar food.” The handpie goes hand in hand with his current Duncan’s Burgers concept; both the burgers and handpies are childhood favorites crafted in a non-pretentious way with elevated ingredients.

Design by local Bushwick artist, Thierry

Remember eating ham and cheese hot pockets like it was your job in middle school? Duncan’s Handpies has teamed up with Bushwick Bakery to recreate some of your childhood favorites using top of the line, familiar foods. For instance, a ham and cheese handpie will be available using bacon from Heritage Farms Cheshire Pork and quality New York sharp cheddar cheese.

©AlonzoMaciel for Bushwick Daily Hand Pies by Duncan Burgers

Meat lovers, rejoice! Duncan’s Handpies will feature a sloppy joe handpie using The Rookery‘s sloppy joe recipe made with grass-fed, pasture raised beef. Beef stew handpies will also be available made with potatoes, beef, carrots and a rich, decadent beef gravy. Imagine cozying up to the bar with a beer and beef stew handpie — now that’s perfection!

For our readers following a gluten-free diet, we have good news. Galen is currently tweaking and refining the handpie recipe to use only gluten-free chickpea flour. Within a month or so, Duncan’s Handpies will be totally gluten-free. There will also be plenty of vegetarian and vegan handpie options, including vegan rice and beans, plain cheese, and broccoli and cheddar.

©AlonzoMaciel for Bushwick Daily Hand Pies by Duncan Burgers

What really captured our attention is the innovative, two-course handpie. Duncan’s Handpies will be crafting a single handpie divided into two sections, one with a savory filling like sloppy joe and the second with a sweet filling like cinnamon spiced apple pie. Stay tuned for new flavors as they are currently being developed.

If you’re anxious to bite into a handpie, Duncan’s Handpies will be served during late nights at The Rookery and from his new burger cart, located at the corner of N. 12th St. and Bedford Ave. Duncan’s Handpies are also available for delivery out of the burger cart to bars in Williamsburg. Delivery to Bushwick bars is coming soon.

Galen revealed to us that he has teamed up with a certain Bushwick couple to start a new venture involving Duncan’s Handpies…. Stay tuned for a Bushwick Daily exclusive!


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The Rookery (425 Troutman St, Bushwick), Hours: Sunday: 7:30pm-2:30am, Monday-Thursday: 10:30pm-2:30am, Friday and Saturday: 11:30pm-3:30am. 

The handpies will be priced in the $1.50-$6.50 range.