A zesty cocktail, a crisp beer, a sharp wine… we love a quality drink all year round. Something about drinking in the summer, however, inspires us to gather with friends and make a day of it. That’s pretty much what we’ve been doing, so we could bring you this countdown of outdoor spots to tip back your glass in Bushwick. Between the newest bars on the local radar and neighborhood favorites you’ve been meaning to try forever, consider this your to-do list for the rest of the summer. Cheers.

10. Old Stanley’s (226 Wyckoff Ave, Bushwick)

The Spot: A neighborhood favorite, this bar is celebrated for being a relaxed hangout without a pretentious atmosphere or fussy menu options. According to Gothamist, the name was inherited from a bar in Manhattan that one of the founder’s fathers ran in the 60’s and 70’s.

The Drinks: The beer selection is vast, cheap and uncomplicated. Your favorite will probably be there (and available in a pitcher or with a shot).

The Perks: If all that casual drinking helps you work up an appetite, they also serve hot dogs and sausages.

Image via @oldstanleysbar

9. Mominette (221 Knickerbocker Ave, Bushwick)

The Spot: Transport yourself to a chic French Bistro in the backyard garden of this …well, chic French Bistro. From the hanging foliage to the scattered, whimsical placement of the tables and chairs, you’ll find yourself sighing as you sip mimosas and daydream about whatever you just ordered.

The Drinks: You can’t go wrong with the house signature cocktail, Le Mominette (Lillet Rouge, absinthe, grapefruit juice, orange bitters, and herb-infused honey), but both the cocktail and wine menus are extensive and worth sampling.

The Perks: Their calendar of evening events is packed with fun happenings, from live music to movie nights, which you can read about in detail over here.

Image via @MominetteBistro

8. The Narrows (1037 Flushing Ave, East Williamsburg)

The Spot: This art deco-inspired cocktail bar delivers on delicious drinks crafted with upscale ingredients. The back yard gets five stars, but you’ll want to arrive early if you want to snag a table. They don’t accept cards. Come prepared.

The Drinks: For the quality, drink prices are pretty great. This is far from a dive bar. If you’re looking to guzzle cheap, generic beers, you’ll be disappointed (or converted).

The Perks: On the whole, the staff is super-friendly and they know what they’re doing when they make a drink.

Image via @TheNarrows

7. Huckleberry Bar (588 Grand St, East Williamsburg)

The Spot: A diverse bar with a lot going on, from carefully crafted cocktails to a lineup of after dark events. Recline in the lush garden, which provides a little privacy thanks to a raised platform patio and benches that double as partitions.

The Drinks: If what’s in your cup means a lot to you, leave it to these guys to deliver on great ingredients. Cocktails are made with daily freshly juiced fruits, signature house syrups and infusions, and an “encyclopedia” of spirits. Beer and wine? Also accounted for.

The Perks: DJs create the atmosphere on Fridays and Saturdays, while Sundays draw a crowd for watching True Detective and Monday nights provide the opportunity to grab some on-the-house popcorn and see a movie screening.

Image via @HuckleberryBar

6. Forrest Point (970 Flushing Ave, Bushwick)

The Spot: It’s hard to believe that this rad bar used to be a gas station. Rather than a backyard, this restaurant (which serves up a unique take on Middle-Eastern cuisine among other delights) touts a front yard. Basically, it’ll be easier to spot your friends when you show up for brunch.

The Drinks: The cocktail menu includes clever mixes like the Fear of Commitment (gin, Gran Classico, and sherry), and the Pencil Thin Mustache (cachaça, fernet, mint syrup, pineapple and lime juice). There’s  one called The Bushwick, too. Try that for good measure.

The Perks: Hands down, the homemade ice cream sandwhiches and cast iron s’mores. Can you say summer nostalgia in dessert form?

Image via @ForrestPoint

5. Central Station (84 Central Ave, Bushwick)

The Spot: A classy spot with a focus on the “neighborhood bar” vibe, started by three friends who wanted an affordable place to unwind. Everything is train-themed. Check out the menu’s arrivals, transfers, and express track options.

The Drinks: Beers, wines and classic artisanal cocktails with special attention to flavor.

The Perks: For the quality of the fare, the prices are pretty great, and even when you’re rained out of the spacious back yard, the bar lets in a lot of natural light through their oversize front windows.

Image via @CentralStationNYC

4. Tutu’s (25 Bogart St, East Williamsburg)

The Spot: Work up a nice summer buzz at this lovely, rustic restaurant, focusing on wholesome gastropub-inspired foods. Before you think it was founded by a ballerina, the name is actually the Hawaiian word for “grandma.”

The Drinks: They serve beer and wine, but the cocktails really shine here. Try the Clementine Punch (Jamaican rum, clementine & stout shrub, curacao) or the Strawberry Blonde (house infused spicy jalapeno tequila, strawberry, rhubarb jam, lime).

The Perks: Your weekend oyster and clam game is about to get stronger. Get them for $1 all day on Sundays or from 11AM to 8PM on Saturdays.

Image via @tutusbrooklyn

3. Arrogant Swine (173 Morgan Ave, East Williamsburg)

The Spot: Here’s an all-American beer hall that describes their clientele as “dancing gnomes & frilocking nymphs.” Run by a cool guy named Tyson, Arrogant Swine attempts to bring the flavors and vibes of  traditional North Carolina BBQ to our little corner of Brooklyn.

The Drinks: They serve up 20 draft beers, over 40 bottled beers and an extensive whiskey selection as well. It’s had to choose, so just plan on getting pretty drunk.

The Perks: Their bar is 44 feet long, so there’s plenty of room to order. The beer garden itself is 3,000 ft and as you drink, you can chow down on artisanally slow-smoked pork.

Image via @arrogantswine

2. Falansai (112 Harrison Pl, East Williamsburg)

The Spot: A family-style Vietnamese kitchen that serves street food for lunch and more wholesome options for dinner. Pronounce it correctly (faa-laan-sai) and perhaps you’ll win the favor of the staff.

The Drinks: An extensive wine menu is offered along with a 300ml bottle of sake (the whole thing is $35), ciders, beers, and non-alcoholic options.

The Perks: The big draw (aside from the food) is the attractive back yard and garden space, with a koi pond positioned at its center. But please… don’t eat anything that’s swimming around in there.

Image via @falansai

1. Nowadays (56-06 Cooper Avenue, Ridgewood)

The Spot: The newest and the hottest spot located on Bushwick-Ridgewood border, is riddled with picnic tables and strung up with lights. This place has a casual vibe that welcomes dogs (on a leash) and even kids. The food menu includes options for “meat eaters, veggies and vegans” alike.

The Drinks: Beer, sangria, “fancy sodas” and wine available. No liquor as of yet.

The Perks: Tons of space, kid-friendly, djs, games and a layout generally conducive to a great time. They also keep their Instagram followers up to date on rainy day plans. While they don’t take formal reservations, they make an effort to prep for large groups if you give them a heads up a few days in advance.

Image via @nowadaysnyc

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