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Remember in October 2014 when The Coffee Shop posted anti-Semitic rants on their Instagram account? We sure do. The Coffee Shop has since closed after boycotts from the Bushwick neighborhood and really, really bad Yelp reviews. So, what happened with the space previously occupied by The Coffee Shop on 203 Wilson Avenue? Meet Pierre Guiterrez and Emma-Jean Taylor, the dynamic duo from Stateside — Bushwick’s newest coffee shop slated to open today, on April 22.

Pierre and Emma-Jean are close friends who both share passions for entrepreneurship, food and coffee. After a brief four months spent living in New Orleans, Emma-Jean returned back to her hometown of New York City in December 2014 and discussed with Pierre the idea to open a coffee shop. Queens native Pierre has an entrepreneurial spirit and previously managed an art gallery. Partnering with Emma-Jean on this project was a natural fit because she has past experience working in her mother’s bakeries and in the coffee industry.

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When Emma-Jean and Pierre decided to turn their coffee shop dream into a reality, they found the perfect location within two weeks of Emma-Jean’s move back to the city. “It was like the previous owner just dropped everything and left. We loved the space and even got really lucky because the espresso machine was still there,” stated Pierre.

One of the Yelpers wrote in his review of the former coffee shop: “By supporting this business you are supporting hate. Please hold off going here until he closes and the next place moves in to replace him.” It is important to note that Bushwick residents Pierre and Emma-Jean are completely unaffiliated with the previous owner and aren’t worried about Stateside occupying The Coffee Shop’s former space. “We have a totally different style and we think people are smarter than that. We don’t want to be treated unfairly for someone else’s wrong-doing,” states Pierre. We are certainly wishing Stateside much better luck in this location.

Stateside is a quaint coffee shop that has a comforting, homey feel. The decor is inspired by the post World War II revitalized “American Dream.” Soldiers referred to the United States during WWII as “stateside” because it reminded them to remain hopeful that they would be returning home soon.

Pierre’s grandfather, Fred Stein fled Germany during World War II and moved to New York City. Fred was a photographer and captured inspiring images of people and places in NYC from 1946 to 1949. These old, heart-warming photographs of American pride and dreams decorate the exposed brick wall inside of the cozy Stateside coffee shop. The red and white checkered curtains and chair cushions are also a nice touch.

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Stateside values the local community and has selected to brew coffee roasted by Brooklyn’s Variety Coffee Roasters. Stateside is reasonably priced with a small drip coffee for $2.00 to the most expensive coffee on the menu, a large mocha for $5.50. Eight Harney & Son’s teas ($2.75) will also be available like peppermint, hot cinnamon spice, chamomile and more. Milk options include whole, soy, almond and 2-percent.

Stateside will offer a few food options including pastries, croissants and danishes from New York City’s Balthazar Bakery. Demi-ficelle sandwiches will be available for those with a heartier appetite. The three sandwich options are simple, yet delicious: butter with prosciutto, butter with jam, and vegetable cream cheese with cucumber. Vegan options from Brooklyn’s Champs Diner will also be offered.

Stateside is open daily from 7am to 7pm. Patrons are encouraged to use Stateside’s free WiFi, and good news — there are lots of outlets! So, grab a coffee, pull up a chair and linger a while at Bushwick’s newest coffee shop, Stateside.

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Follow Stateside’s Instagram for more details about their grand opening celebration, which will be in early May.