Newly Opened Bushwick Bakery Promises to Deliver High Quality, Affordable Baked Goods to Residents and Restaurants Alike

At Bushwick Bakery (all photos by Jeremy Nguyen for Bushwick Daily)

A new addition to Bushwick’s culinary scene promises residents a charming way to get that confectionary fix. Located at the corner of Star St. and Central Ave, the bakery aptly named Bushwick Bakery opened just last week. “People noticed we were here before we even opened because of the smell, you can smell it outside,” co-owner Steve Mark Sciacca explained after I remarked upon being overtaken by the deliciousness wafting about.

Owners Jean-Pierre Marquet and Steve Sciacca opened Mominette in 2012 (in case you’ve been under a rock, that’s the the French bistro on Knickerbocker Ave known for delicious brunch, jazz and oysters.) Their métier is pioneering establishments throughout the city of New York, and Steve notes that “when we first opened Mominette there really wasn’t as much here.”  Jean-Pierre is a household name and the recipient of much press for opening the first French bakery on Smith St. when nothing of its kind exited. He turned out croissants that had the city all abuzz and has since opened other successful bakeries and eateries (Le Barricou, for example).

Nom, $2 almond croissant is the way to go.

Buswhick Bakery by Jeremy Nguyen

Hardly secondary to the smell of varying carbohydrates is the pricing. Bushwick Bakery will not be slinging overpriced, $5.00 cupcakes. “Because of our wholesale business, we don’t have to mark things up the way other bakeries would,” Steve explains. But what they and the neighborhood are most excited about is the freshly baked bread that will be available starting next week. “It’s the thing we’ve seen requested most, and we’re hoping to supply bread to local restaurants as well.”

If baked goods and breads aren’t your thing (in which case I question your humanity), stop by for the locally sourced coffee and decadent hot chocolate. Made from the ganache of their cakes and steamed milk, I can hardly think of the latter without salivating. Coperaco Coffee will be ground freshly in the store and the beans will also be available for purchase by the pound.

Other noteworthy items include empanadas, Fraisier cake, almond tarts, and last but not least, raspberry hazelnut granola that tastes so fresh you may never touch the prepackaged stuff again.

Bushwick Bakery is located at 127 Central Ave.

Homey and nice-smelling.

Buswhick Bakery by Jeremy Nguyen

Coffee anyone?

In the back where the magic happens….

Buswhick Bakery by Jeremy Nguyen

More baked goods. Gimme!

Buswhick Bakery by Jeremy Nguyen

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