Sticking Around for the Holiday? Don’t Fret; There’s Lots to Do!

Maybe you missed your flight home, or maybe your home is right here! Either way, if you’re hanging around the neighborhood for the holiday, here’s a great way to spend that special day, Christmas, and its little brother, Christmas Eve.

First off, go to The Sampler and drop off some fun toys for their Toys for Tots drive! That’ll score you some Santa Claus karma, and depending on how many toys you bring by, maybe it’ll be enough to bump you off the naughty list!

What about dinner? Treat yo’ self! If you don’t feel like cooking up a storm (and who, really, ever does?) go hog wild on one of these pre-Fixe dinners available in Bushwick during Christmas and Christmas Eve. First up: Houdini Kitchen Laboratory. For $29.95 a person, you’ll be the lucky recipient of a three course traditional Italian meal. They’re open both Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day. Here’s what’s on the menu:

Spek & fornarina bread  Passatelli pasta in beef broth (Parmesan, eggs, bread crumbs dough delightedly infused with lemon zest and nutmeg aroma) Traditional bollito misto (mix of meats simmered in the broth) served with veggies frigione sauce and green sauce  Pandoro e mascarpone

Photo by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily

Stuff yourself silly, don’t worry about the dishes, then go home and take a nap to get ready for Christmas morning!

Photo by Kimberly Nguyen for Bushwick Daily

Or if you want something a little less continental, make a reservation now for Christmas Eve dinner at Dear Bushwick. For $45 dollars per person, you can get two courses of your choosing (think Cod & Cockles or Mushroom Wellington) plus a glass a of bubbles and a roll. Or kick it up a notch and do 3 courses for $55 per person. There’s two seatings — 6 PM and 9 PM — so call now to reserve a spot!

Photo by Bart Koscinski for Bushwick Daily.

After dinner on Christmas Eve, swing back by The Sampler for a nightcap. They’re open from 3 PM to 10 PM (ish, depending on the turnout). Try their Christmas-y cookie beer, the Monarchy Happy Christmas Aachen, or for something a little less seasonal, enjoy the Millstone Sidra Americana ($25).

On Christmas morning, once you’ve finished skinning all your presents and nibbling on your pre-Fixe leftovers, go for a stroll and enjoy the brisk Christmas air (maybe it’ll snow!). You can take a walk in Maria Hernandez Park, or admire the street art on Troutman, or just bask in the lovely view from the M train platform, feeling thankful that you get to live in this amazing neighborhood.

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