“The morning after the night before” measures time in a very interesting way. It serves as a bookmark in a drinker’s book of epic nights. That book is compiled of a series of spirits, nights and walk-arounds in the drinking autopilot. Most importantly, it is written in hospitable bars by knowledgeable bartenders. That morning after the night before, having spent that night at The Central Station, I knew I had bookmarked a great chapter of my Bushwick life. It was my second time there, and as I walked in, I saw the Serious Business II written on the blackboard. I didn’t think much; I ordered it and went to enjoy it in the lovely backyard of one of the best additions to Bushwick’s nightlife.

Getting down to some Serious Business.

The recipe for the Serious Business II is simple: 101 Wild Turkey bourbon, Wray & Nephew Rum, Kas honey liqueur, and Combier orange liqueur. You might have reached at the same conclusion as I did that night. This cocktail only contains alcohol. “Hell yeah, that’s why it’s called Serious Business,” was Megan Wolfe’s response to my realization. Megan was tending the bar that night, and she made sure I was properly intoxicated. A proper intoxication is what explains best my bar experience at The Central Station. It differs from the bland “get one drink after another” intoxication that you might find in other bars. There the spirit of hospitality makes you feel comfortable and sip the one drink after another because you don’t want to leave the establishment.

Mixing the Serious Business.

Serious Business II can also tell the story of the establishment in a way. The aromatic finesse of the Combier triple sec resembles the pleasant environment as you walk into the bar. At the same time the eastern-European inspired Kas honey liquer brought that same welcoming warmth you get in Eastern European houses, just as we were welcomed by the people of The Central Station. Now, the rum provided the kick, one that was comparable to the well-spirited atmosphere even on a late Wednesday night. And then, there is the 101 Wild Turkey bourbon, the huge reminder to this drinking culture that brings people together, mixes spirits and tells stories that convey an atmosphere and bring memories. All shaken up, Serious Business II becomes explosive and creates a mouth-filling and memory-creating/recalling/erasing experience.

Artwork in the backyard changes in the same fashion that cocktails do; my drinking habits don’t.

What I really liked about the Serious Business II was that I chose it off the board. It was the featured cocktail on a board of constantly changing drinks. That board is both a vast list of cocktails which can be tailored to the individual customer and a daily changing cocktail menu of two drinks. As I was told, bartenders are trying to be more of drink whisperers, trying to create a custom experience to each of the patrons of the bar. Regulars want different things, and there are always people who want to experiment. “It’s mad simple like that,” says Peter Simon, the owner, “We want to keep it a neighborhood setting.”

Central Station is located at 84 Central Ave and open from 5 PM to 2 AM every day.