Drink Local Beer and Eat Local Doughnuts at The Brooklyn Local Beer Festival Next Sunday

  Next Sunday, a man from Ridgewood will throw the first ever

Totally Local Beer Festival in Brooklyn

. Every brewery featured will be small (no more than 5000 barrels produced a year) and will come from somewhere in New York state. Arch Rowan has always felt that it’s important to “feel that connection with where you put your roots down,” and that passion and enthusiasm for locally made products led to a desire to “showcase truly great [locally made] beers.” The festival will last over five hours, which leaves you plenty of time to enjoy spectacular beers from breweries such as




(the Bronx),

Third Rail



(Long Island),


(Staten Island) and many more.

Arch Rowan grew up in Northern California, and then moved to Louisiana, where he worked in event planning. In fact, he worked on the

Super Bowl

there, so orchestrating large events is something he’s pretty darn good at. Eventually, though, he found himself working on Wall Street and absolutely hating it. Finding his true passion was locally brewed craft beers, he decided to plan and execute a beer festival in Brooklyn that only featured beers from New York.

For research, he attended a huge amount of beer festivals, so he’s well versed in what works for people, and what doesn’t. Plus, while many of these festival’s ticket prices often start skirting that hundo mark, Rowan is committed to keeping the festival affordable. To that end, tickets are on sale now for a measly $45. And of course, in addition to the multitude of beers available, there will be a variety of food.

Carpe donuts


Hops and Hocks


Bill’s Balls

, and

Made of Beer Bakery

(a bakery that specializes in baked goods that incorporate spent grain flour) will all be slingin’ their wares at the festival. Sure, this isn’t in Bushwick, but there’s some Bushwick representing (go Hops and Hocks!) and it’s exactly the type of event that would be right up our festival-lovin’, charcuterie-poppin’, craft-beer-swiggin’ aisles. The Brooklyn Local Beer Festival will be held at 420 Carrol St on October 5th.

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