A crazy dance party was made possible because of DJ duo AndrewAndrew

#YOLOing. There’s such a pressure to do it. Regular Tuesday night, just got out of work? Still need to do the #YOLO. Luckily Bushwick is HOOKED UP with enough watering holes and dance floors that you at least don’t have to get on a damn train to only live once. Here are our picks:

#1: Happy Fun Hideaway: for the cheap #YOLOer, 1211 Myrtle Ave

Happy Fun Hideaway – new bar on Myrtle Ave (all photos by Michelle Riotta for Bushwick Daily)

Only living once is an excuse for many to spend too much. But why not get more for you buck? Happy Fun Hideaway has $3 Buds, or if you’re feeling fancy, $6 Dark & Stormys!

#2 Tandem: for the single #YOLOer, 236 Troutman St

Let’s be real. For many of us a good night involves some bow-chica-wow-wow (which is my way of saying SEX). At Tandem you can show off your moves on the dance floor to other mingling’ folks in the smoky back room.

#3 El Rinconcito Sabeneno #2 Inc: for the betting #YOLOer, 1047 Flushing Ave

el rinconcito sabeneno

Why #YOLO any other way, when you can throw all your money on a game of pool? El Rinconcito Sabeneno II is the ideal spot to place all your bets. Just make sure you brush up a little on your aim, first.

#4 Shea Stadium: for the music loving #YOLOer, 20 Meadow St

Shea Stadium

Sometimes instead of just going to see a concert, you see a concert and then decide to stage dive off the stage, but nobody catches you and so you brush it off and keep drinking. Luckily Shea Stadium’s stage isn’t that high.

#5 Lot 45: for the Manhattan #YOLOer, 411 Troutman St

Sometimes people come from Manhattan to #YOLO. Those people should go to Lot 45 because they have fancy leather couches and chandeliers and DJs and expensive mixed drinks and stuff.

#6 El Rey III: for the hungry #YOLOer, 457 Bushwick Ave

Photo via Yelp user Jesulina R.

Grubbing out is the perfect way to live. ESPECIALLY when you’re only going to live once. El Rey III is the host to Latin Saturdays, every Saturday. But they also serve delicious food until 11, including a bacon cheeseburger deluxe for only $6.95. So eat it.