All photos by Graham Friedman for Bushwick Daily

Now that you’ve said your goodbyes to the Wreck Room, take a moment tomorrow at 9 PM to mourn the death of Kings County, and to celebrate the birth of Kings County Saloon. In a New Orleans-style procession from one location to the other, the owners, customers, and bartenders alike will be paying their respects to the long-loved original Bushwick dive. Don’t miss this opportunity to get drunk and be sad, but in a happy way.

The new iteration of Kings County will be opening their doors next Friday at 1 Knickerbocker. Although they’re changing the name slightly, to Kings County Saloon, owner Jesse Levitt and general manager Aimee Arciuolo, feel confident that the new space will still foster the same atmosphere of loving diviness that 286 Siegel did. But 1 Knickerbocker is much roomier, with an enormous, beautiful bar, and a full kitchen downstairs. And a full kitchen hopefully means a bangin’ menu, so you can expect tasty snacks like these: melted ham and cheese bites served with house-made mustard; Buffalo-style wings; a ground brisket and beef short rib burger stuffed with sharp New York cheddar cheese; two different flavors of hummus, and homemade ice cream sandwiches with alcohol flavored ice cream (?!). 

Also, when they open, they’ll be debut-ing a special cocktail served in a fish bowl and garnished with Swedish fish, “designed for two to share,” but obviously meant to be enjoyed alone, on a Tuesday, while you play 2048 on your phone.