Hot Bands, Hot Days, Hot Music : Top 10 Shows This Weekend!

Yes, we know it’s really hot out there–and oddly windy on certain recent nights! But, think back to the winter when we thought we would never sweat again. Now we’re in the throws of summer and the only thing to do is either embrace it and get sweaty or try to get the hell out of it by finding some cool, air conditioned venues to see your favorite local artists at! Go hang at the beach and hear some stellar tunes while drinking beer and getting sunburned, or hide out in the dark back rooms of a fun Williamsburg or Bushwick bar and get lost in the sounds for a little bit. Either way, here are the top shows for this weekend, so get ready for hot times!

#10 Half Waif, Cantina, Natureboy @ Cameo Gallery (FRI 8PM, $10)

Tonight at Cameo, come out for Half Waif’s release show for her new album Kotekan. Half Waif’s mesmerizing vocals and glitch-pop instrumental style are definitely something to see. Opening is Bushwick/Seattle artist Nature Boy, who made it on our Best of 2013 Playlist and will be playing a solo set for the first time in a year! Get out of the heat and into this hot ass show!

#9 High Waisted, Rose Windows, Worthless @ Rough Trade (SAT 8PM, $10)

Stay cool and get weird at Rough Trade on Saturday night to see psych rockers,  High Waisted and the Dreamy, indie sounds Rose Windows (subpop) on tour! They are joined by Florida band, Worthless and the fantastic, trippy visual stylings of Drippy Eye Projections.

#8 Sunday Afternoon Beach Party! @ Rockaway Beach Surf Club (SUN 3PM, FREE)

Brooklyn Vegan and Dull Tools are teaming up to put on this super fun Beach show at the rockaways! If you are a sucker for summer, this is the place to be as it’s free and awesome. Go back in time and watch super mod rockers Future Punks with their throwback-to-Devo style, but with futuristic embellishments. Also, don’t miss to dance your ass off to Final Bloom and then jump in the cold water! P.S. Don’t forget sunscreen!

#7 Titus Andronicus, Slothrust,Beach Slang @ Brooklyn Night Bazaar (FRI 8pm, FREE)

Brooklyn Night Bazaar has been able to hold true all year with stellar line ups and this one is definitely going to be killer. Titus Andronicus’ blistering riffs and punk-styled vocals are not to be missed at this free show with Slothrust and Beach Slang! There’s AC and mini golf and so many things to look at while listening to rad music!

#6 Flower Girl, Doozies, Viking, Jake Falby @ 94 Evergreen (FRI 8PM, $5)

Come out tonight to celebrate the split EP between Flower Girl and Doozies! You can get a preview above of their hazy, jangly, indie rock, which feels like summer itself. It’s only $5 and right here in Bushwick, it may be a sweaty one, but you know, what isn’ t these days?!

#5 Living Spaces #1 @ The Silent Barn (FRI 7PM, $8)

Get in on this fantastic show tonight at Silent Barn! This is the first of a new series consisting of a traveling showcase moving to different cities, inhabiting different spaces and collaborating with visual and multi-disciplinary artists to create large scale spatial installations in which musicians can play. Brought to you by Portals and Rabbl, enjoy the experimental sounds of Foxes In Fiction, Julie Byrne and so much more in a space that is both inside and outside, so you really get the best of both worlds!

#4 Howth, Touching, Andra, Just Walden @ Muchmores (FRI 8PM, FREE!)

There is so much happening tonight, but that just means you have so much to choose from on this awesome summer eve. Don’t forget to check out Brooklyn band, Touching, who call themselves the “#1 skiffle group,” whatever that means. Also playing are Austin-based four-piece, Just Walden, who are in town for a tour and will sweep you away with their percussion-driven psych rock tunes.

#3 Solo Dame Indie Pop! @ Radio Bushwick (THURS-SUN, $8)




It may have started yesterday, but you have two more days to check out this amazing festival, which is being presented by Festival Nrmal, the independent music and arts festival from Mexico, and Supercrush Studio! These shows were put together to showcase upcoming artists from Latin America including Argentinean indie rock outfit El mató a un policía motorizado and experimental Electro artists from Puerto Rico, Amigos Poderosos. If you didn’t think the summer was hot enough, lets get some Latin American music in the mix and experience the widespread variety of sounds from these countries during this three day event! Do it!

#2 Impose and Exploding In Sound’s Summer Outdoor Festival @ Secret Project Robot (SAT 12PM, $10)

If you can’t get enough of wearing mom shorts and tank tops, come on out to Impose and Exploding In Sound‘s summer Outdoor Festival at Secret Project Robot. Enjoy the musical stylings of Ronald Paris of Porches and the wispy, dream-pop tunes of Emily Reo, as well as Mannequin Pussy, Guerilla Toss and many more!

#1  Knots Music Festival @ South Street Seaport (SAT 1PM, FREE!)

Did you go to last years 4Knots festival? This year is also going to be super rad with headliners like Dinosaur Jr and Mac DeMarco! Check out our 4Knots Preview here and get ready for a super hot but super chill weekend!


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