It is a known fact that life moves in cycles. There is a certain repetition that proves to be familiar but, then again, it’s still new. These cycles of life can be easily correlated with the steady stream of seasons. However you might want to approach summer, there is one thing that can always be said: summer is glorious. With spring comes fertility, with fall comes harvest, and summer is the in-between seasonal party where anything can happen. When nature throws a party with its vibrant colors, heightened tastes, and grand odors, summer cocktails take the center stage with brave new phantasmagoric presentations, summery flavors, and invigorating freshness to guide you through the luminous summer nights.

What follows is an utterly subjective list of my four favorite cocktails for this Bushwick summer.

#4 Azuro from Mominette ($10)

A little taste of the French Riviera always gets you closer to a great summer

If there is any place in the world that actually translates to glorious summer, it’s the French Riviera. The Azuro is an visual and gustatory replica of this area of France. With rosemary, lavender and coriander in the palate of the drink, Nico Thoni, the creator, wanted to recreate the Provence, Alpes, Cote D’ Azure tastes. And the color can only help to bring memories of the turquoise waters of the area.

#3 Laurel Canyon from Miles ($12)

A little taste of California’s Laurel Canyon brings the summer closer

Whereas the previous cocktail comes from a land of iconic summer, this one comes from the land of the eternal summer. The herbs in it bring back memories of the Laurel Canyon in California. For me, it brings back memories of my childhood in eastern Crete. Either way, whenever you drink it it brings back sunny, tasteful memories of an eternal summer where you would like to live forever.

#2 Moscow Mule With A Deadly Kick from The Johnson’s ($10)

Nothing defines summer more than a Moscow Mule

If relaxing is the feeling of the summer, then the taste of it is consists of lime and mint. Moscow Mule has always been a summer classic quenching the thirst of cocktail drinkers across the USA whether they are pro-Russian or not. In The Johnson’s the Moscow Mule comes with a deadly kick, the Crabbies ginger beer, considered to be one of the best ginger beers. This cocktail is especially enjoyed while relaxing in the big swinging chairs on the outside space.

#1 Brigg’s Cup from Heavy Woods ($12)

The Brigg’s Cup in its herbaceous glory

Talking about summer classics, we couldn’t think of a better summer classic than the Pimm’s Cup. In Heavy Woods, the version of the Pimm’s Cup carries the name of co-creator Justin Briggs and boasts a great load of herbs that make you relish in the sensational summer. The herbs garnishing it wet your drinking appetite and make you smell the summer in all its glory. Upon first sips, the cocktail kicks in as a great summer romance with its spice and gets you that nice summer buzz with its gin, while keeping you refreshed and going in the nice outside tables of Heavy Woods.