It’s hard to believe that Bushwick’s craft beer gem The Sampler opened one year ago this weekend. What’s not hard to believe is that they’re celebrating in fine boozey form with events this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Below are a list on what they’re planning as well as a full listing of the delicious beers they’ll be tapping each day, including some kegs they’ve held in the back for months in anticipation. Beer geeks, get ready to geek out; everyone else, do your taste buds a favor and check out the action as well!


Starting at 7pm The Sampler will tap 3 special beers just for the occasion, full list below.

Singlecut will open a cast of their Jan Olympic Lagrrr

Free boozy mini cupcakes baked by Prohibition Bakery using Brooklyn 25th Anniversary Lager.

A live DJ set with SiR starting at 8pm to start the night off right.


6 oz pours of some truly rare and amazing brew, many of them local. Stand outs include Finback’s delicious Coasted Toconut Stout; Grimm’s honey beer, Bees in the Trappe 1 Year Anniversary; the rare Founders’ brew KBS; and Sixpoint’s lauded 3Beans Porter that debut last summer, which has been aging in bourbon barrels for the past year. Full beer list below.


Edge your way into the new week by watching the World Cup matches.

Bring an interesting or rare bottle to share at a special Beer Share Session at 3pm.

There will be a live DJ to keep things shaking.

Tap lists


Ninkasi Brewery // Tricerahops

Westbrook // Mexican Cake

Jolly Pumpkin // Luciernaga

Singlecut // cask-aged Jan Olympic Lagrrr


Off Color // Dawdle // barrel aged scurry

Off Color/3 Floyds // Rats in the Ashes // belgian quad blended with Alpha King

Sixpoint // Barrel Aged 3 Beans // bourbon barrel aged stout

Sixpoint // Barrel Aged Imperial Otis // bourbon barrel aged oatmeal stout

Goose Island // Bourbon County // Stout bourbon barrel aged

Finback // Coasted Toconut // Milk Stout with coconut

Bridge and Tunnel // Switchblade // Nitro Cream Stout

Westbrook // Mexican Cake // Stout with Habenero and cinnamon

Founders // KBS // bourbon barrel aged oatmeal stout

Grimm // Bees in the Trappe 1 Year Anniversary // Bier de Miel

Hitachino Nest Commemorative // Aged in california zynfandel barrel aged (

Trois Dame // Grand Dame 2011 // flanders oud bruin

Rafael pouring at The Sampler at it’s opening last summer.

The Sampler holds a special place in my heart for being the location of my very first Bushwick Brews column last year! If you’re lucky you’ll have the perpetually grinning Rafael Martinez serving you himself! See you there!

The Sampler is located at 234 Starr St and is open Monday-Thursday 12-11; Friday-Saturday 12-12; Sunday 12-9.  Join their anniversary Facebook event for more info.