Sh-sh-shaking, I’m..wait, what? We’re not grooving along with all our rich, blonde friends in a 2005-era Ocean County music venue rocking out to Rooney? Damn, guess we got lost in our OC-laced daydreams again. If you’re a 22-30 year old girl with a fetish for Ben Mckenzie you’ll know what we’re talking about. Well, although no venue around Brooklyn is quite like the Bait Shop, we’ll make do this weekend. Here are quite a few top-shelf shows for you to check out, including free, cheap, and epic.


Check out a great local show full of bushwick faves Friend Roulette and Honey Wild! Radio Bushwick is always a great place to spend your Friday night.

#7 FORT USELESS IN EXILE: Hawt Me$$ + A Bunch Of Dead People + Abstract Artimus + Rug Kids + Jesse Rifkin @ Don Pedro (FRI 9pm, $?)

Bad news: Fort Useless is looking for a new space. Good news: they’re throwing a radass show tonight at Don Pedro’s!

#6 TOSHI REAGON AND BIGLOVELY @ SubCulture (FRI 7:30pm, $25)

Yes, it’s in Manhattan, and yes, it’s worth the trek. Epic singer, composer and producer Toshi Reagon is briging a big, soothing soul sound to the SubCulture this Friday.

#5 Mother Falcon @ Joe’s Pub (SUN 8pm, $15)

Mother Falcon caught our attention with their stellar tiny desk concert and we got swept away in their orchestral, dramatic folk-punk sounds. Catch the 14-piece this Sunday in Manhattan.

#4 Phony PPL, Toki Wright, Tracee Owo, Allan Kingdom @ Brooklyn Night Bazaar (SAT 8pm, $FREE with RSVP)

Check out a slew of new bands taking the stage this Saturday night at the Night Bazaar.

#3 Shark?, Anchor 3, Radical Dads, Vomitface @ Muchmores (FRI, 9pm, $5)

Perhaps the most economically awesome show of the week, a fiver will get you into a rock-splashed night at Muchmores features some of our faves, Shark? and Radical Dads. We have to say we’re also intrigued by Vomitface, who the deli describes as “a hopelessly good band”.

#2 Emmett Stock V @ The Gutter (SAT 5pm, $12)

It’s an underground rock’n’roll festival taking place at the Gutter. You should know that you’re getting yourself into an awesome and potentially very rowdy time. Don’t forget to bring your bowling shoes!

#1 Beverly, Future Punx, Wildhoney @ Baby’s All Right (SAT 8:30, $10)

Damn this lineup is hard to beat. All you really need to convince you to check out this show, though, is a brief listen to Future Punx‘ EP, above.

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