All photos by Lucia Reed for Bushwick Daily.

Calling all bagel fiends: your Sunday morning in Bushwick just got a bit nicer- toasted perhaps- and maybe even with cream cheese. The point is, there’s a new bagel sheriff in town; Boswyck Bagels, located at 264 Bleecker Street (between Myrtle and Irving), finally opened its doors last week and is now open for bagel business.

For months, the storefront at 264 Bleeker was being prepped to open. Around the corner from Popeye’s on Myrtle, the awning with ‘Bagels’ written on it was in place even before the New Year. After months of getting the permits in place, Boswyck Bagels finally had its soft opening a week ago. The store is the project of longtime Bushwick residents, George Lagos (who also owns and operates Tasty’s Diner in Ridgewood), and Phil Joseph, who has owned the building for over 30 years.

Oh-my-gosh pumpernickel bagel with cream cheese and tomato…

“I remember when you couldn’t park your car around here without it getting broken into,” said George. “Now everything’s coming this way- it’s great.”

Offering a selection of hand-rolled bagels in all the tried and true flavors, as well as a wider menu that includes smoothies, salads and burgers (the home fries, specifically, kick ass), Boswyck Bagels is going for the gold as Bushwick’s first bagel enterprise.

The layout of Boswyck Bagels makes interesting use of the space, placing the counter and kitchen in the small storefront area, with the seating area extending outwards from the building into a permanent, full enclosure tent.

The seating area is carpeted with artificial grass, reclaimed, according to George, from the Atlanta Falcons football training facility (of all places). The furniture is a smattering of diner-style, vinyl covered benches with metal chairs and tables. The overall effect is a pretty chill bagel hangout.