World-famous MIA and America-infamous ASAP Ferg performed together at the Knockdown center last Friday. What can we saw? This was a super fun show, packed to the brim with fans of all shapes and sizes. The only complaint amongst the pumped up crowd was that the venue, which was recently denied a liquor license, was dry. Check out our gallery from the night!

Tj Mizel, a dj who hails from our city and often played at our favorite parties, spinning for Asap Ferg.

ASAP Ferg & Marty Baller killed it onstage.

Faces of the crowd during the show

MIA’s fans were eager for her to hit the stage…

And finally, Miss Maya showed everyone what the global hype was about!

Crowdsurfing Ensued when MIA brought a crowd of guests onstage

We loved it. Come back soon! This time we’ll bring the champagne…

Learn about the history of the Knockdown Center here, Check out the upcoming events at The Knockdown center here, and enter to WIN tickets from Bushwick Daily to the Red Bull Music Academy’s Hardcore Activity in Progress.

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