Beyonce Knowles, well-regarded female musician, ate dinner (pizza?) recently at Roberta’s, a local Bushwick pizzeria, with her husband, Jay-Z (rapper). But that might not be all. Sources (Gawker) have suggested that the dinner ended with Ms. Knowles ‘storming’ out of the restaurant. This on the heels of violent elevator footage showing one blurry famous person swatting at another blurry famous person. What could this mean for the future of things we love to obsess about? (Roberta’s, pizza, Queen Bey, other people’s sorrows). Only time will tell. 

Do you remember that time when former president Clinton hang out at Roberta’s with his family? And do you remember when we all (foolishly) believed that Jay Z is playing a live secret show on Troutman Street? Ah, celebrities & Bushwick = good times.