All photos by Lucia Reed for Bushwick Daily

It can be tricky to find the best local restaurants. But after scouring the neighborhood, we found what might be the best Dominican restaurant in Bushwick, El Gran Malecon. “The Grand Boardwalk” has only been open for a year, but it already became a Bushwick staple: friendly staff, old men in the back watching the Yankees, and the most importantly, delicious yet affordable food.

El Gran Malecon has a fun and festive atmosphere.

You can’t go wrong with a heaping plate of rice, chicken and beans for under $10.

The perfect place to daydream about a tropical paradise…

Though there’s a varied menu full of Latin and American specialties, hot daily specials behind the glass are what to order. The chicken falls off the bone; the rice is fluffy; the beans are just right, and the pasteles en hojas dominicanos, (Dominican tamales), are supreme.The cuchifritos too, are the chef’s favorite. But maybe best of all, a piled-high plate will set you back just ten bucks, making this restaurant one of Bushwick’s best cheap eats.

Mmm a delicious Springtime feast!

El Gran Malecon is located right across the street from the Associated at 234 Knickerbocker and is open every day 9am-9pm.