Guys, you know we love our fellow bloggers over at Brokelyn who are tirelessly informing us about how to live big in Brooklyn on a small change. And our love gets virtually limitless when these guys come up with some really cool stuff such as Beer Book.

What is Beer Book? Well, it is a magical little book, which costs $30, and contains tickets that will get you $1 beers in over 30 Brooklyn bars, many of Bushwick favorites included.

The good people of Brokelyn are launching 2014 Beer Book tonight in fabulous style with Hey Bartender! party at The Graham. They have a special guest, Rosie Schaap who is a New York Times Drink columnist and author of the memoir Drinking With Men! Comedy star Kendra Cunningham (SNL, Jimmy Fallon) will also make and appearance and share her own funny tales of bartending around the borough. Panel of bartenders will tell their best stories from behind the taps, and share bar etiquette tips, before opening up the floor for an ask-the-bartender Q&A.

 Good news is that The Graham is extending happy hour, featuring $1 tacos, $2 tallboys and more. Brokelyn will be testing everyone’s Brooklyn knowledge with the game of Pin the Neighborhood on the Borough. Winners get sweet prizes!

Sounds like a plan to us!