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Spring seems to have finally arrived. The birds are chirping, pedestrians are de-layering, and a bunch of new places to purchase food, booze, and coffee have opened up! Expect full reviews soon, but in the meantime, here’s the cheat sheet on these brand new Bushwick eateries:

#1 Sushi Noodle @ 274 Troutman St

First impression: Standard sushi delivery fare, which is desperately needed in the immediate area. Seems like a great place to grab a cheap and tasty dinner after work, or one of those soul-revitalizing Sunday afternoon, can’t-possibly-leave-the-house type meals.

#2 Lot 45 @411 Troutman St

First impression: Ooh la la! Lot 45 is aiming to be a legitimate Bushwick ‘club.’ They’ve got a gorgeous outdoor garden patio space that will undoubtably be valuable drinking real estate in a month or two.

#3 Variety Cafe @ 183 Wyckoff Ave

First impression: BIG. This is a BIG cafe. And that’s because they’re going to be roasting the coffee for all of their locations in this cafe. So don’t be alarmed when you spot the enormous robot in the back corner, that’s actually for roasting coffee beans.

#4 Bootleg Bar @ 1438 Myrtle Ave

First impression: They have a gorgeous pinball machine! And a fantastic vibe. Bootleg Bar opened its doors less than a week ago, but the bar already seems destined for success because I can easily imagine spending too many summer afternoons playing pinball and drinking lazy beers.

#5 Bruce Cost Ginger Ale Factory (opening in April, final date TBD) @ Johnson Ave

“Gimme a whiskey; ginger ale on the side, and don’t be stingy, baby!”

First impression: Unfiltered ginger ale featuring real ginger, can’t possible go wrong. Keep an eye out for the opening of this factory space, where they’ll be manufacturing tasty, artisanal, Brooklyn-brewed sodas (perfect for pairing with some Brooklyn-born booze).