All photos by Geoff Pomella

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, which means there’s good chance you’ll need alcohol. For one, it’s a Friday–so yeah, there’s that. Secondly, you may want to get a lil’ frisky with your latest fling and need some assistance. Maybe you’re in need of a last minute gift. Maybe you want to make this particular day really special. Maybe you’re trying to party. Maybe you’re depressed.

Maybe you’re also broke.

Because I like to believe I can live the high life and keep money in my pockets, I went to Bushwick’s trusted neighborhood Wine & Spirits Store–Henry’s Wine and Spirit. Guess what?? Henry himself actually sat down with me and gave me a list of 15 wines under $15, just for Valentines Day. Check em’ out.

Baron Francois Brut Rose, $12: This is a pink sparkling wine that literally LOOKS like Valentine’s Day.

All photos by Geoff Pomella

Matthew Fritz Chardonnay, $15: A little precursor to your upcoming trip to Sonoma County.

Natural Selection Biodynamic Syrah, $15: You’ll want to nab a bottle or two of this sucker if you’re cooking a delectable meal. Bright, bold, and hints of spice.

15 wines for 15

Hugel Gentil Alsatian White, $15: If you know your date likes white, but you’re not sure what her palate is, go for this Alsatian blend. It covers all the bases, and is delicious and classic.

15 wines for 15

Chateau du Coing Muscadet, $14: Jaclyn’s FAVORITE WHITE WINE OF ALL TIME. Pairs with oysters, pearl necklaces, tangy cheese, and your actor friend’s Oscar screener DVDs.

Felines Jourdan Picpoul, $14: Minerality, citrus, body. A white for an appetite and quite literally, lip smacking.

Ammonite Cremant de Loire, $15: This bubbly goes a long way in both weight and palate. Impress by topping it off with a little crème de cassis to make the tastiest Kir Royale we’ve ever had.

Domaine de Rouet, Les Fleurs, Chinon, $14: Chinon is one of our favorite French AOCs, and sure enough, this floral cab franc tastes like doin’ it in a magical forest.

Duche de Longueville French Sparkling Cider, $10: Because nothing says “our love is more than a bunch of drunken hookups strung together” than apple juice with an incredibly low alcohol content.

Bielsa Garnacha, $12: For the vegan couple who also enjoys things that are tasty. This red drinks brightly, but still maintains a bit of tobacco and luster.

Jelu, Pinot Noir, Argentina $15:  For the couple that cares about sustainable, organic growing practices, delicious light bodied wine, and Argentinian everything (MESSI! MESSI! MESSI! MESSI!)

St. Pourcain Famille Laurent Pinot Noir Gamay blend, $13: Dark, yet light. Earthy, yet smooth. Straightforward, yet still MYSTERIOUS. Much like dating.

C’est la Vie Pinot Noir-Syrah, $12: Chuggable AND classy.

Woodford Reserve, $14 (200 mL): Okay, so maybe this isn’t a wine, per say. But if you’re gonna go it alone this Valentine’s Day, at least keep it real with a respectable (small) portion of respectable (Grade A) bourbon.