Thorgy Thor, winner of the “Brooklyn Legend” award performing at the Brooklyn Nightlife Awards. All photos by Lucia Reed for Bushwick Daily.

The second annual Brooklyn Nightlife Awards took place at Radio Bushwick last Sunday and celebrated the curated community of Brooklyn nightlife. And what a community it is! From the ever-growing Bushwig collective, to the Locally Grown dancers, the Bless This Mess music, and scene-y kids at Don Pedro’s, Brooklyn drag artists have plenty to celebrate.

Brooklyn drag has become a social media household name. With the Huffington Post’s recent profiles of Brooklyn drag culture and a supportive artistic community, including local bars and venues, audiences look forward to the outlandish costumes, makeup and variety of personas partying on any single night. Produced by Merrie Cherry and co-hosted by Isis Vermouth (notably not from Brooklyn), the night was full of homemade raps, glitter and whiskey, gender bending eroticism, (a few) laissez faire acceptance speeches and more.

Haus of Sweat kicked off the night with a kick ass performance boasted by three uber fit ladies and one drag queen all clad in 90’s gear — definitely a dance troupe to look out for.

Performance artists turned out a mixture of serious and ironic looks. Nightlife legend Murray Hill (who hosted the 2013 BNA’s) took the stage to present an award and lovingly poked fun at Bushwick’s eclectic visual banter, “Bushwick, take a fucking shower.” All is fair in love and drag.

“You don’t have to love my social media, you just have to like it.” said Hamm Samwich when accepting her award for “Best Social Media Presence.”

Merrie Cherry creates the nominations ballot with her comrades in mind, which ultimately acquiesce’s for even more community support and growth. The categories, including “Scene Queen” and “Best Event Promoter” allows for the staff and time put in behind-the-scenes to be recognized. It’s refreshing to see a community be so inclusive about its stereotyped exclusivity.

Darlinda Just Darlinda and Scary Ben performing at the BNA’s on the lap of Jean-Stephane Sauvaire, co-owner of Bizarre.

PrivateDanceByBestBurlesqueWinnersDarlindaJustDarlinda+Scary Ben_BrooklynNightlifeAwards_LuciaReed

“Serving for all you crazy mother fuckers is so much fun!” exclaimed Leslie Van Stelten, winner of “Best Bartender” (from TNT). The crowd loved that. Jonathan and BPro, an electric pop duo, brought a delightful energy to the stage. Mocha Lite, last year’s Drag Queen of the Year, did a Beyonce tribute of sorts, complete with two back up dancers and lots of booty. One thing is apparent here: ambition. There was heart and soul on stage, each performer relished in their own distinctiveness and took pride in what they could deliver. The BNA’s appreciates and embraces the new kids, providing them with a stepping stone for large-scale notoriety and the encouragement to keep working harder. If you didn’t know, it’s happening.

Read below for the full list of winners.

DraeCampbell + GoldiePeacock performing at the BNA’s.

Macy Rodman presenting at the BNA’s.

Best Visual Artist: Tyler Wallach

Best Event Publisher: Next Magazine

Best Event to Leave Brooklyn: My Chiffon is Wet

Best Mixed Party: Hey Queen

Best Social Media Presence: Hamm Samwich

Scene Queen: Lady Simon

Drag Queen/King: Matty Beats x Horrorchata

Best Burlesque/Boylesque: Darlinda Just Darlinda and Scary Ben

Best Bar/Club: Metropolitan

Best Bartender: Leslie Van Stelten

Promoter of the Year: David John Sokolowski

Best Event Photographer: Tinker Coalescing

Best DJ: Jessamess

Legend Award: Thorgy Thor

Click here to see the full list of nominees. See you tonight, Bushwick.