Holiday drinks GALORE at Kave. All photos by Cat Agonis for Bushwick Daily

I’m a person who totally subscribes to Holiday nostalgia and excess. Shopping, dinner parties, eating tons of sweets that are bad for me–I do it all, excusing myself saying, “it’s the holidays!”

And while you’ll never catch me doing holiday shopping at Macy’s Herald Square, you can see me picking out gifts at the various businesses along Knickerbocker Ave. In the same vein, I typically won’t wait in line at Starbucks for a PS–not-even-gonna-spell-the-whole-acronym, but I’ll go to the nearest café and enjoy some serious holiday drinks. It’s a delicacy that I adore each season, so here are my faves from the Bushwick businesses that you can indulge in, too.

#1 Pumpkin Latte, Kave Espresso Bar, 1087 Flushing Ave, $3.75

Usually when I’m feeling fancy I order a lavender latte from Kave. HOWEVA, if there’s one spice I’m going for this December, it’s pumpkin because Thanksgiving. Luckily, Kave delivers their Pumpkin Latte. Thanks guys!

#2 Spicy Dark Hot Chocolate, Swallow, 49 Bogart St., $3.75

The hot-chocolate mix that Swallow uses is from Brooklyn’s very own Chocolate Room, poured with steamed milk. The bitterness of the dark chocolate keeps it from being too sweet, which makes me wanna believe it’s not that bad for me….is it? Ssshhh. Don’t answer that.

Photo via Little Skips Instagram

#3 Peppermint Tea, Little Skips, 941 Willoughby Ave., $1.75

Low calorie, vegan, caffeine free and less than $2 can still taste like December. This is the perfect “I’m in the mood for something-wintery” slurp-fest, minus the guilt.

#4 Eggnog Latte, Milk & Pull, 181 Irving Ave., $3.75

Unlike a lot of places that steam milk for a latte and add the eggnog in as an afterthought, Milk & Pull steams the eggnog itself, and then adds a double-shot of espresso. While you’re there, try the passionfruit doughnut. (I know it’s not a holiday treat or  even a drink, but trust me, you’ll thank me for it later).

#5 Hot Apple Cider, Wyckoff Starr, 30 Wyckoff Ave, $2.75

Wyckoff Starr astounds this season with hot apple cider from Red Jacket Orchard in upstate New York. There’s one key ingredient in their cider that makes it so delish: apples. That’s it, as it should be. Wyckoff Starr adds a caramel drizzle and a cinnamon to your wreathy-delight.

From Jubilee (photo by Ashley Mathus for Bushwick Daily)

#6 Chocolate Chai Latte with Guinness, Jubilee Cafe, 1079 Broadway, $3.75

Definitely the most unusual choice of the bunch but also the more indulgent, I bring you Jubilee’s Chocolate Spice Latte with Guinness. Nuff’ said.