Being Emma, oh sweet Emma Schwartz for one week, your life will be full of pumpkins, puppies, smiling people and art. And so was our Instagram feed! Emma, a Bushwick Daily photographer and a photo assistant at GQ magazine spent a lovely holiday week, shooting beautiful things all over Bushwick. But weep not for another amazing photographer will call #BushwickDaily Instagram his own for a week.

Gustavo Ponce is one of our most talented photographers at Bushwick Daily, and he is also the guy responsible for you drooling all over your keyboard while reading our weekly Bushwick Mixer column. Do you want to know more about him? Well, he says: “My favorite movie is Jaws, but I didn’t like the book that much. My favorite book is The Tin Drum. My favorite drummer is either Clem Burke or Keith Moon, I can’t decide. I once met a person who walked on the moon at my day job which is assistant CRM at Barnes & Noble Union Square.” This week he will be shooting bars and venues. So party on, Gustavo.

Check out some of our fave Emma Schwartz Insta-shots!