Even Cat Woman needs a drink after her job is done. Meow! (Gif source: Tumblr)

For those of you who need a drink after work (or simply want one), we bring you a list of five fantastic happy hours in the neighborhood to make you even happier to come back home after work!

Happy Hour! (photo by Frances Gill for Bushwick Daily)

#1 Falansai (112 Harrison Pl.): Triple Happiness!

When: 5:30- 7PM

What: $3 for Saigon and 33, $4 for appetizers, $5 for wine

“Triple Happiness!” is the name for Falansai’s new happy hour special is a workaround of an old Chinese symbol meaning “double happiness.” The symbol evokes the joy of a wedding, when two happinesses come together. And with Henry himself bobbing around and chatting up every customer at the bar, you can’t help but feel at least a single happiness.

The staple dishes are still in play: the melt-in-your-mouth Dad’s Shrimp Rolls, the cushy little Summer rolls. But Henry Trieu, chef and owner of Falansai, has yet another trick up his sleeve… You’ve just got to try the Tamarind Wings, Henry’s Vietnamese take on Buffalo wings. They are sweet; they are spicy; they are juicy. I sucked the gristle off every wing and then (to my dining companion’s horror) I dipped my finger in the sauce and savored.

#2 Arena Billiards Café (314 Saint Nicholas Ave. 2nd Fl.)

When: Weekdays 3 – 9PM

What: Bucket of beer for $20

Six beers in a bucket for $20…  That’s an evening, right there, and there’s no need to hit up an ATM after working your way through two (albeit delicious) $10 cocktails, which served only to loosen your wallet and didn’t even touch the ever-present hole in your heart. Plus they’ve got about 30 pool tables, smokin’ hot waitresses, and they’ll be showing the World Welterweight Championship on October 12. Cheers!

from fritizlslunchbox.com

#3 Fritzl’s Lunchbox (173 Irving Ave): Sheer value, friends…

When: 4 – 7PM, closed Tuesdays

What: Half Off Select Drinks

Fritzl’s is already world-renowned for their burger, a thick hunk of beef seared to perfection for every order. And the sandwich joint is no slacker when it comes to non-sandwiches either. But in terms of sheer value you can’t beat their happy hour drink specials. Half off the Narragansett and two wines means $2.50 tall boys of Narragansett and $3.50 for a glass of wine.

#4 Alaska (35 Ingraham St): The only good thing about the L train not running…

When: Whenever the shuttle buses are running

What: $1 off draft beer

Hey, people in Bushwick are a busy folk. We got money to make, artistic impulses to pursue, frat parties to crash. We got business in the ‘burg and we got meetings in Midtown and sometimes we come home late on a Monday. And we all know this L Train business is a bitch.

The L Train is probably going to be broken for about another 16 years. An MTA source who prefers to remain anonymous had this to say on the subject: “Wild horses have taken over the city’s underground tunnels and their strongest encampment is right underneath Roberta’s.” But thankfully, Alaska has come to the rescue with their L Train is Shut Down Happy Hour. Dollar off draft beer so you can drown your transportation sorrows in a frosty pint.

from bushwickdaily.com

#5 Heavy Woods (50 Wyckoff Ave): Hipster casual

When: 2 – 8 PM

What: $3 Well drinks, $1 off draft, $2 Rolling Rocks

The savings are amazing; the Tchoup Shop is unbeatable, and the ambience is, ‘Hipster, Casual.’ But seriously: SIX happy hours every single day. Can’t beat that kinda luxury….