LOBSTAHS are everywhere! It has become increasingly dangerous to just chill in the streets of Bushwick as several attacks by giant lobsters have been reported on Meserole Street. Yes, lobsters, you heard me right! These lobsters from Maine are not just any lobsters. They are merciless, angry… and what’s worse “they’re are juicy, succulent and extremely delicious,” as Dr. Gus Hungry from the Special Lobster Unit explains in the video. Remember! The only way to defeat them is to eat them!

Seriously, people, foodie sensation, the first annual Lobstah Palooza is coming to our beloved open air venue The Well located in the historic Hittleman Brewery. On September 21 at 3PM at least 1,500 lobsters, driven down alive and crawling the day of from an independent sustainable lobster fisherman on the coast of Maine, shall  be battled by the good people of New York City.  Over the course of seven hours each person attending shall battle 1.25 LB Maine Lobster or Lobster Roll including some scalloped potatoes, fresh corn on the cob, a Brooklyn-rooftop grown green mix and a freshly baked roll – and naturally, copious quantities of melted butter!!

To make this battle against the finest Maine Lobster even more enjoyable, we shall all enjoy 7 hours of the hottest East Coast DJs spinning till the last lobster is down! Hot duo Chemicals of Creation will be landing at The Well after they spent their summer spinning at Ibiza; DJ Sylo is into graffiti, breakdancing, but turn tables are his deadliest weapon; Julian Rhine is a rapper, composer, songwriter and an animal lover – I wonder if he loves the mean Maine Loster too!

Gus May, the organizer of Lobtsah Palooza told us that the idea to organize a big lobster bash is based on the legends he used to hear about epic lobster runs of his Uncle Neil. “He used to make lobster runs to Maine and back once every summer in the 1980’s, and deliver thousands of lobsters to host huge parties in his native Cecil County, Maryland,” tells us Gus.  “He was a gregarious and fun-loving party guy who worked as a public school PE and Health teacher in Cecil County and did the lobster runs as a fun way to make a little money and have a ton of fun. I actually never met him because he passed away from a brain tumor in 1990 just three months before I was born. The whole lobster bash is really in honor of him and the spirit he embodied and that’s really the inspiration for the whole idea.” …And we love it!

Guys, you don’t wanna miss Lobstah Palooza. RSVP on Facebook and get your ticket while you can! The tickets can be purchased online for $35-40. Tweet at @lobstahpalooza; follow @lobstahmangus on Instagram!