Photo by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily.

One of the most present buildings in Bushwick/East Williamsburg The Loom has changed its color recently. A building that takes up the entire block (between Flushing Ave and Grattan St.; and Porter Ave and Knickerbocker Ave.) turned from the summery yellow to autumnal gray. Bushburg who manages the building have painted it recently. “It was ready for a facelift and we felt that this building needed to be differentiated from the one behind it which is the same color. It needed also a fresh look with perhaps a contemporary angle and to signal that this building is being taken care of and updated with the growth of the neighborhood and it’s own tenants,” told us in an email Laura Vivoni who works for Bushburg.

As to the loft dwellers of The Loom, not everyone is so happy. A former Loom resident who wishes to remain anonymous told us that one of the reasons they moved out was that “they do things like paint awesome murals gray. There were amazing murals on the roof, which got painted over too…”  Karin Persan who owns Better Than Jam, a boutique with hand-made goods on the ground floor of The Loom, told us that she likes the new color better. “I think it looks clean. [I’m] just glad the scaffolding in down!”

What about you, dear readers? How do you like new autumnal look of The Loom? Leave us a comment!