At Henry’s wine & spirit opening!



— bushwick daily (@BushwickDaily) February 28, 2013

Making good wine available and accessible is the credo of Henry’s Wine and Spirit that easily won us over. We checked out the opening night of wine tasting and cheese eating at Henry’s (69 Central Ave) last Friday. Located in a beautiful space with tall ceilings, Henry’s carries quality wines, most of them priced at $10-15. Henry’s is a great addition to a somewhat empty area that will make your walk from the subway home more pleasant – just pick up a Merlot!

We asked the owner Henry Glucroft a couple of questions about his new store.

1. Why did you decide to open a wine shop?

The short answer is when opportunity meets life pleasure never question your decision.

2. What about the location? Central Ave.

There were two primary issues to factor: the logistical and the practical. While one might not consider Bushwick the most religious of neighborhoods or having the finest schools, it turns out that there are quite a few of both types of establishments and it is challenging to find a location that is within ample distance of either. It’s already enough of a gamble to obtain the license that there is no need to add additional risk from the onset.

On the practical side of things, I live very close to the shop. As a fellow oenophile, I know how underserved Bushwick is when it comes to accessibility of quality wines at affordable prices and without the bulletproof glass.

The 69 Central Ave location is the perfect size, has nice exposed brick and I believe is conveniently located, in addition to being far enough from schools and churches.

3. Do you have a prediction for your area in five years?

Does the balloon need any more hot air? All I can say is that development is buzzing and I hope people build and grow with the long-term community needs at heart.

4. We have noticed that your wines are pretty affordable. Not cheap, but not super-pricey either. Can you tell us about your pricing policy?

It goes back to that notion of being underserved. I love wine, my friends love wine, and residents, whether new to the neighborhood or having lived here their entire lives, deserve a convenient way of purchasing quality wines and spirits at great prices.

As a result, I spend a lot of time hunting the best possible values on wines and pricing them for the neighborhood – the majority of wines are between $10 and $15. That being said there are certain wines that are amazing and can cost more. Whether an older vintage, a special appellation or a small batch sustainable grower, I want to be able to offer some of these gems.

People should care about what they drink, but not have to worry about what it costs. I’m focused on helping people have experiences to remember rather than painful mornings with nights to forget.

5. Any other special plans for the future?

Offer a practical delivery solution, continue to improve the in store experience with creative happenings while building out a strong online business. Beyond wine, I like supporting other local projects. Nowadays, I’m trying to spend as much of my little free time helping Arts In Bushwick plan another epic Bushwick Open Studios.