Illustration by Jeremy Nguyen for Bushwick Daily

Now that we’re a bit deeper into Bushwick, it takes a little more work (and a little more walking) to reach great bars. But at the rate Bushwick has been developing (ahem, gentrifying), who knows if this will still be true in a year? For now, here are three bars to visit near the 8th L stop in Brooklyn, Dekalb.

#1 Heavy Woods: 3 blocks away

Taking their name from the original 17th century Dutch translation of Bushwick, this new-ish bar from the owners of The Bodega takes its name to heart, with a rustic vibe played up by a décor of taxidermy, potted flora, and lots of, well, heavy wood trimmings. Along with a wide selection of whiskeys, tequilas and mescals, fourteen craft beers are on tap ($5), all of which can be enjoyed with Tchoup Shop’s amazing New Orleans style BBQ and bar snacks, like their “awesome” deviled eggs ($3) or crab-okra hush puppies ($8). While it’s not the first (nor the last) Bushwick bar with a forest-inspired name, it may be the only one to exist as a coffee shop by day and a dim bar by night, effectively providing Bushwickers with two of their favorite vices – strong coffee and even stronger whiskey.

What to Drink: Try their “Soup of the Day”, a $5 PBR + whiskey shot.

Heavy Woods (Photo by Peter Dressel)

#2 Two80 Cafe & Lounge: 4 blocks away

This comfortable neighborhood bar and restaurant is a Bushwicker’s alternative to the too-hip dives and upscale cocktail joints popping up all over the place. Ali, the owner and jack-of-all-trades (bartender, cook, janitor) is a long-time denizen of the area, endearing himself both to tried-and-true locals and the influx of young starvin’ artists populating the area. Along with cheap, strong drinks, he serves a menu of his native Lebanese cuisine and there’s free wi-fi. The bar food is unpretentious, the drinks are cheap, and every Wednesday, it’s free pasta night from 8-9pm. In fact, the only way you might know you’re still in Bushwick is that Two80 also offers a $5 beer + shot special. And where else can you get a $2 can of PBR while snacking on homemade hummus?

What to Drink: Try one of Ali’s famous mojitos ($5), made with mint he grew himself

#3 Gotham City Lounge: 5.5 blocks away

An ode to both superheroes and friendly dive bars, this cozy (i.e. small) haven for comic book nerds is recognizable by the giant mural of Batman outside. Like any good superhero, this bar has a secret identity that’s only revealed once you’ve been buzzed through the entrance. Inside, you’ll discover Wonder Woman, Underdog and Captain America, all staring down from posters and figurines lining the walls. Another secret? The cheap prices, with $3 PBR-and–whiskey combos, $4 Brooklyn Lagers, and mixed drinks named after your favorite superheroes for under $8. The crowd is a mix of twentysomethings trying to make it and fortysomething X-Men junkies who on Saturday nights can all be seen playing pool, arcade games, and Guitar Hero.

What to Drink: Get in the hero-spirit with the Green Lantern (Zubrowka, apple schnapps, Sprite) or Wonder Woman (Citron vodka, blueberry vodka, OJ, and pomegranate), both at $8

Photo by Patrick Siggins (NY Mag)