A Huge New Building Is Set to Sprout up Between a Garage and Heart’s Coffee in Bushwick

Evan Haddad


In a claustrophobic space between a spray-painted garage and Heart’s Coffee, a new building is set to grace the Bushwick skies — and likely piss people off.

Artist renderings by J Goldman Design have been released, showing a futuristic building at 1205 Broadway that will loom above the JMZ subway tracks with an exposed-bolt facade and metal beams shooting upwards from the ground floor. 

The 6-story building will have retail space on the first floor, a community facility on the second floor, and eight apartments on the floors above. Permits for the building were approved earlier this year, according to the original report from City Realty, but a completion date hasn’t been unannounced yet. While prices have also not been announced, we can be fairly certain that the rentals will be expensive.  

Historically, such new complexes have drawn criticism from locals. A commentator on one report wrote, “Wow another no soul Yuppie Box that pays no homage (or even imagination) to the history it’s being placed around. Gross.”

In addition to its future neighbors — the train tracks, Heart’s, and crappy garage — across the street from 1205 Broadway is After Hours Project, a harm-reduction community initiative that primarily serves as a needle exchange for intravenous drug users.

Cover image courtesy of J Goldman Design

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