The Old KFC Lot on Myrtle Avenue Will Transform into a 7-Story Mixed-Use Building

Magdalena Waz


In 2019, the southwest corner of Myrtle and Bushwick avenues will look a little different with the addition of a massive 55,941-square-foot, seven-story building, YIMBY reports

The corner whose official address is 668 Bushwick Ave. used to be the site of a fairly sad-looking KFC. After the KFC was demolished, the familiar, green construction walls provided a perfect canvas for an unusually robust collection of graffiti, often election related. 

Image courtesy of Google Maps.

Even though the 50 units on the third through seventh floors seem like they’ll be pretty standard new construction boxes clocking in at around 680 square feet on average, the first two floors might actually provide some useful spaces for the neighborhood.

Both the ground floor and the second floor will have nearly 12,000 square feet of medical office space. Another 8,751 square feet will be dedicated to other commercial and retail ventures. Hey, at least it’s not another bar or restaurant, right?

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