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Will the Bushwick Neighborhood Plan Address the Affordable Housing Crisis?

Bushwick rent has skyrocketed by 60 percent in the last decade.

Bushwick Named Amongst 100 Most Expensive ZIP Codes in NYC

Williamsburg, East Williamsburg, and Bushwick, all ranked in the first half of listed ZIP codes.

Bushwick Will See the Highest Number of New Apartments in NYC, Study Shows

An additional 1,103 apartments are coming to Bushwick in 2019.

New Mixed-Used Development with Laundry Room and Retail Space Is Coming to Myrtle-Wyckoff

Plans were unveiled for new mixed-use building At 310 St. Nicholas Avenue in Bushwick.

Bushwick’s Rheingold Brewery Development Is Refinanced for $200 Million

The Rheingold is a 500-unit residential complex on 10 Montieth St.

New 7-Story Self-Storage Facility Is Coming to East Williamsburg

Is the storage demand growing in the greater Bushwick area?

Ridgewood Representatives Discuss Bills Impacting Local Rental Market with Community Members

How and what is impacting the rental market in Ridgewood?

Here’s a Roundup of New Construction Sites Going Up in Bushwick

Bushwick is ever-changing, here's the latest news on building permits.

Bushwick’s Secret Vaudeville Past

Brooklyn has a rich, hidden theater history!

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