The Sandwich Eaters

Scenes from a sandwich eating contest in Ridgewood.

Spotted In Ridgewood, Steve Martin

Selena, Steve and Martin Short are only the latest to shoot in Ridgewood

Ash Wednesday, At Trinity Reformed

Built in 1925, the congregation actually traces its origins to Bushwick Avenue in 1853.

They Pay Her, She Tells Them Where to ‘Have Fun’

A local concierge says she prefers "visitors" to "tourists" and takes us on a trip through Ridgewood.

‘Doing Church in a New Way’

Scenes of rock and roll at Ridgewood Presbyterian

They’re in Ridgewood and They’re Running

Ridgewood now has its own enthusiastic group of runners

Ridgewood Does Not Exist

Scenes among "a discoherent group of young people making a discoherent collection of art"

Hipsters Take Ridgewood

How a flurry of small businesses are changing a corner of Queens

Gentrifying Ridgewood: A Shaft Into Yesterday’s New York 

“They patronize us and we patronize them"

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