Photo from Sancho’s GoFundMe page

If you are like us and are a huge animal lover or live by the saying “a dog is a (wo)man’s best friend!” then you will understand how important it is to look out for our fellow furry friends. 

The unofficial “mascot” of  Silky’s, and common shop dweller Sancho, co-owner Jason Caceres’  black pug, was sadly hit by a car on Valentine’s Day evening. If you are not familiar with Silky’s (or live under a rock) Silky’s is a screenprinting studio and shop, located in The Loom on Flushing Avenue, that is known for its sweet prints and community involvement.  

Sancho’s father, co-owner Jason Caceres, is asking the community for any help they can give to help cover Sancho’s growing medical expenses. According to Sancho’s GoFundMe page, he has sustained some serious injuries and will need to undergo some major surgery, including one on his fractured pelvis.

So, if you have one, give your  pet a hug and head over to to Sancho’s GoFundMe page to help in any way you can!