This past Saturday virtually dozens of cats and dogs were involuntarily dressed up in holiday clothes, and forced to pose with their pet parents for an awkward family picture. Awkward, how very awkward!

Bushwick Bark, a tiny cute pet store on Knickerbocker Ave teamed up with Three Diamond Door bar to organize a day of Awkward Family Pet Photos. Catherine Stackpole, one of the Bushwick Bark groomers also happens to be an awesome photographer, so she volunteered her services for the day. Awkward pets and their awkward parents were provided with plenty of ugly sweaters, Santa hats, and even some cool holiday pet outfits. How did it go? “Really well,” Dottie Evans, proprietor of Bushwick Bark, told us. “35 dogs (and cats) showed up after 4PM, so we had to extend the shoot until 9PM!” she said.

Through this fun initiative the pet store raised over $350 for Empty Cages Collective, a Brooklyn-based rescue and adoption organization.The amount will go towards paying the vet bills for their newest rescue, doggie Steve. Steve was found abandoned in Maria Hernandez Park Dog Run last week on one of the coldest days of the year so far, and was about to be put to sleep when Empty Cages Collective rescued him, got him vet care, neutered him and already found him a loving home! Score, Bushwick!! (If you like what Empty Cages Collective does, you can always donate online to help pets in need.)

Rescue doggie, Steve

Dottie told us that due to the success of the event, Awkward Family Pet Photos will be an annual event, just like the costume contest!

And now let’s take a look and some cool awkward family pet photos, shall we?