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In October we wrote about Corey, a Bed-Stuy pooch desperately in need of a new home. Many Bushwick Daily readers responded with interest in adopting him, and now thanks to you guys, Corey found a family with Inna and Ray, members of the band Butter the Children, who happily brought him home. They have recently moved back to Bushwick into an apartment near Broadway with a shared side yard. Their dog died of old age recently, so they were flirting with the idea of parenting a new pooch but never made the leap, until they met Corey.

Now they’ve had Corey in the family for a few weeks. He’s been given a stable diet (he was overweight when they got him), and he is walked and exercised regularly. Corey’s also made a lot of new friends with all the dogs in the area. Ray told me: “We’ve been having playdates with him and our friend’s dogs, like our friend Joey, he’s a pit bull. Corey just went to sleep while his friend was still over I can kinda sympathize with him in that way. He likes to sleep in late.” Don’t we all, Corey. Don’t we all…

Corey enjoying his new backyard.

But Corey is also loving people nowadays too, although he still is a little wary around new men. Inna says, “Sometimes Ray works the door at Silent Barn, so I’ll walk over with Corey and he’ll hang out with me in the backyard.”

I asked what Corey’s favorite thing was about his new home. Right away Inna said, “The backyard,” and Ray said “Inna,” chuckling.

Corey seems very happy. Thanks to Inna and Ray for being amazing doggie-parents!