Featured Contributor of the Month: Photographer Gustavo Ponce

Gus Ponce (photo by Camille Lowder)

Excellent luscious photography has been on our mind ever since the inception of this website in 2010. We wanted to differentiate ourselves from hundreds of websites out there who simply reblog, repost and not care about the look of their articles. We did care and still do, passionately.

Beautiful portraits of people that make you blend your souls in the moment you look them in the eye; amazing juicy photos of food that will make you salivate; photos from festivals and concerts to make you feel like you were there….

Forgive me please this moment of touting of our own horn, but Bushwick Daily is known for its fabulous photography. Tens of amazing photographers make Bushwick Daily a truly beautiful experience. Today we’d like you to meet Gustavo Ponce, who thanks to his amazing work and friendly personality belongs to our all-star contributors.

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1. What’s your hometown?

I was born in Houston, Texas and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia

2. When and why did you move to Bushwick?

I actually never did (I live in Bed-Stuy) but I started hanging out in Bushwick on rare occasions soon after I moved to New York in 2011. I eventually recognized it as a hive of creativity after my assignments for Bushwick Daily enlightened me to the bulk of the iceberg and now it’s where I spend most of my time. I suppose that iceberg has also grown a lot.

3. What’s your favorite bar, restaurant, bodega and Friday night activity in Bushwick? Bar: Molasses Books even though they only have wine and beer. I can’t think of another bar where you wouldn’t look out of place reading a book by yourself. I mean, I don’t think I look out of place.

Restaurant: Oof–this is my Sophie’s Choice. Right now, I think I’m going to have to say King Noodle.

Bodega: I’m sure someone’s said this before but I’m going to say Day & Night Deli on Myrtle/Broadway. It’s conveniently located for me and they make a damn solid sammich. Friday Night (and every night)

Activity: To see live music. This neighborhood is blessed with a lot of incredible musical talent for not a lot of money. Let’s support them for all our sakes.

4. Why did you join Bushwick Daily?

I joined because I was enjoying photographing for Greenpointers and heard Bushwick Daily was basically the same thing but for Bushwick so I was like, “Lemme just go ahead and do that, too.” Really, though, I’m very grateful to have been accepted because these people are inspirations.

5. Tell us about your photography? What’s your wildest craziest dream accomplishment as a photographer?

To invent a camera that will allow me to literally leap into the photos years later so that I can meddle with time. Or I’ll settle for publishing a book of photos that will make people giggle because of how good they are, much like Elliott Erwitt’s photos make me do. Also, that book will sell half as many copies as Humans of New York.

6. What’s the favorite piece you photographed for Bushwick Daily?

The first one that comes to mind is Out in the Streets 2014 because it was just so damn fun. I ate Archie’s pizza for the first time, saw Hunters for the first time, saw Not Blood Paint for the second time, drank micheladas and got to hang out with my pal Loren DiBlasi who was writing it up.

7. What’s your favorite lens and why?

That would be my Nikkor 28mm 1:2.8. It must be what the lens itself is made of; it just magically makes everything look amazing. It helped me learn that a good lens is worth the extra dough.

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