Sam Rappaport contributed to the reporting for this article.

One person is in serious but stable condition after a fire last night left residents of 1271 Myrtle Ave. without a home and popular nightclub Bossa Nova Civic Club damaged and closed for repair.

In a statement to the Bushwick Daily given by the FDNY, the fire was started on the 3rd story of 1271 Myrtle Ave. at 8:28 pm. One person was transported to Harlem Hospital Center in serious but stable condition, and one dog did not survive. An investigation is underway by fire marshals.

Bossa Nova Civic Club, which occupies the first floor of 1271 Myrtle Ave., was damaged by the fire. According to the nightclub’s Instagram story, “The building sustained significant damage and it’s safe to say we will be closed for a notable amount of time. … Thank you so much for nine years of support and friendship. Gratitude to @juliancduron and FDNY for saving a couple of lives.” 

@juliancduron shared via Instagram: “There was an alarm going off upstairs, after it didn’t go off I went to check and there was smoke under the door… when I opened the door (miracle it was unlocked) their whole kitchen was in flames up to the ceiling. I yelled into the apartment — no response — 911 — I ran to Bossa grabbed extinguishers — John, myself and my office mates tried to put it out with extinguisher but it was too big already and we were choking so we ran outside… the FD showed up then we noticed there was someone in the upstairs window trapped. They pulled her out on the ladder literally 5-10 more seconds and she would have been dead. Unfortunately their dog didn’t make it… if I wouldn’t have heard the alarm the fire would have taken the whole building down. Thankful for everyone’s safety :(“

The building the day after the fire. Image: Kyle Andrew Smith.
Video taken by Sam Rappaport

One resident, who asked not to be named, said that they were unsure how the fire occurred, but thought it may have started in the kitchen. They were devastated at the loss of the dog that died in the fire. 

James Velez, a local resident who lives around the corner on Hart Street, was bringing groceries back last night when they saw the blaze.

“I see a lady screaming, everybody was running and I see her out the window hanging,” Velez said. “Thank god that the firemen came, they grabbed her and took her out… they saved them, I was so shocked.”  

Valez said they were devastated to see the closing of Bossa Nova Civic Club. “Hanging out, dancing; I love this place. It’s so messed up it’s going to be closed,” said Velez.

A Go Fund Me has been created to support Bossa Nova Civic Club and the tenants affected by the fire.

Featured Image: Sam Rappaport

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