Bushwick Is Getting An Extravagant New Music Venue

There is good news for live music lovers. A brand new venue, named Brooklyn Made, is set to open at 428 Troutman St. this fall. On September 30, the 500-person venue will kick off with two nights featuring Jeff Tweedy of Wilco. 

“Myself and my partner Kelly Winrich wanted to create the most amazing club and I know we’ve accomplished this with Brooklyn Made,” co-founder Anthony Makes said in a statement. “The bells and whistles with this place are so far ahead of anything we’ve ever seen, and we know every single artist and fan that comes here is going to be blown away by the experience.”

Brooklyn Made will feature lighting designed by Jeremy Roth of the bands Wilco and Mazzy Star. Connected to the venue space is a bar named Connie’s, fully equipped with a pool table. From Connie’s, which will be open until 4 a.m. every night, there is access to an outdoor courtyard along with a second-level roof deck. Next to Connie’s will be a café named Standing Room, which will open at 7 a.m. as a coffee shop and transition into a cocktail, wine and tapas bar in the evening. 

Artists who come to play at Brooklyn Made will have access to a private outdoor swimming pool, a loft apartment and multiple roof decks with clear views of the Manhattan skyline. The idea is to make sure artists are able to and enjoy themselves both before and after their sets. 

“Having played venues and festivals of all sizes across the world, there are a handful that really stick out.” stated Winrich, who is also a member of the band Delta Spirit.  “Our aim is to make sure all artists that come through our rooms have an unforgettable experience. From hospitality, to sound, to lights – we want it all to be next level.”

Tickets go on sale Friday, June 11. They are available here.

Courtesy of Brooklyn Made’s Instagram

Top Image courtesy of Brooklyn Made

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