The Ritualist: How to Release Attachment

Photo by courtesy of Bushwick Pilates

Throw Something – but not at a person. Throw an object symbolic of what you wish to release into a field, an ocean, or abyss of your choice. If this makes you concerned about littering, throw the symbolic object into a garbage dumpster or compost pile of choice. The action of throwing something with your body provides your nervous system and your somatic memory with the experience of releasing and propelling “something” away from you. In woo-woo terminology, this cleans your energy of clinging and gripping onto specific results. It clears you and makes you receptive to the best and highest possible outcome, which might be even better than whatever you are trying to force into existence. In quantum science or epigenetic language, you are acting out with your own nervous system what you want so that your mind and body can sync up. Either way, it works. Have you ever turned on a computer or a light without knowing EXACTLY how it works? Designed Rituals work the same way.

Actions with a specific intention in mind elevate your action into designed experience and ritual. It marks a shift in your perspective. We already co-create our lives moment to moment in exactly this way. Elevating your actions to ritual gives you the clarity you need to decide what you are moving away from, and what you call in. To put down the old and unnecessary, you must release attachment to outcomes you are trying to force.

The photo above was taken during a ritual that several ritual clients at Bushwick Pilates have gotten great results from. Here is how to do one release ritual for yourself: Create an installation inside a bottle that symbolizes the goodness and beauty you are attached to and possibly forcing (like finding love on a fixed timeline or feeling like someone else has to love you in a certain way – whatever results you are forcing). Then, take a Wintertime stroll by the body of water of your choice (this client went to the Ocean at the Far Rockaways.)  Speak your intention to release your attachment out loud. “I release control over forcing this timing!” “I release control of who my true love will be and when we will find each other!!!”  “I release attachment to what effect my art has on the viewer!!!” “I release my attachment to this business proposal working out!!” Then throw the bottle away from you and release it into the ocean!

The result is a door opening inside you to something new. By releasing attachment to what you cling to, you have now created space for the best possible outcome to flow into your life without your limiting clingy thoughts getting in the way! Congratulations! Try it out and let me know below how it goes for you. I would love to hear. Be Free!

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