Apparently there’s some huge snowstorm heading our way, but don’t let that stop you from trudging through the snow to see some great shows this weekend. Maybe you can have a snowball fight along the way to your local venue. Here are our Top 5 music shows!

#5 Heliotropes /Jack Davey / Dead Stars / Veda Rays / Strangers @ The Paper Box (Friday, 9pm) 

Located across the street from Shea, Paper Box is “an independently owned music and arts complex.” Headlining the evening is Heliotropes, a badass all-girl experimental, psych rock band. Supporting them is Jack Davey, Dead Stars (grunge), Veda Rays (post indie, psych rock) and Strangers!

#4 TalkFine / Jangula / Wild International @ Shea Stadium (Friday, 8pm) $5/$7

Aputumpu is back to host another great night of music with Urban Circuit! Not only does this entail experimental, tribal, post punk and electro pop bands, but an amazing DJ set and interactive art installation will be part of the evening as well. If you’re into an eclectic night, this is the place to be!



TalkFine-She Never

#3 Sic Tic / Marlon Rando / Dog Water @ XPO 929 (Saturday, 8pm) $4/$6

This Saturday, XPO 929 hosts a “stop bob and roll” rager. The bands on the line up range from soothing jams to mid fi swing. If

#2 Ski Lodge / Heyrocco / Grand Resort / Little Racer @ Shea Stadium (Saturday, 8pm) $7 

Once again we’re at Shea! Hopefully the snowstorm won’t be too bad and you’ll be able to make your way out for an evening of optimistic, indie pop bands. Some cool shirts and CDs will also be available at the end of the show!


Ski Lodge-A Game

#1 Hairs / Hippy / Milk Dick / Girl Toy @ Big Snow Buffalo Lodge (Saturday, 8pm) $7 

Come to Big Snow this weekend for the digital release of two of Hippy’s songs off of their Satan’s Future Magic EP. Opening the show is Girl Toy, a new riot girl punk band, and post-punk band Milk Dick. Directly supporting Hippy is Hairs, a low-fi kiwi pop band. They’ll be playing lots of kiwi and “obscure classics that will make you shake your butt!”

Stay covered in sweat everybody!

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