Studio 10 has earned itself a big shiny spot on the Bushwick gallery map. Through consistently excellent programming, the gallery has proven that their shows are not to be missed. I personally think that Studio 10 is getting exponentially better with every show.

Their current show The Spacious Now and the Scale of the Instantaneous is truly remarkable. It is the show that I have always hoped to experience in Bushwick. Richard Garet’s exhibition explores the perception of art through a neurological and metaphysical means.

The exhibition features eight pieces by Richard Garet. This New York based artist, originally from Montevideo, Urgugay, has been investigating the subject of time and perception. His abstract time-based, creations have been brought to the physical world through a combination of digital and analog methods. The entire gallery has been darkened, and some of the pieces require headphones.

The Spacious Now and the Scale of the Instantaneous takes the viewer to another dimension; not elsewhere in the space, but elsewhere in one’s mind.

When experiencing Garet’s art, it is likely that you will feel similar emotions and sensations to what you usually feel when looking at a beautiful painting or a sculpture. However, you will get there by very different means. Get ready for a surprising, adventurous journey as your sensors receive a different type of information than what traditional media utilizes.

Garet’s art will occupy your sense of sound and sight with the aim of captivating your consciousness. I suspect that through multiple layers of noise, color and light, the artist manipulates the frequency of your brain waves. He takes you on a fluid journey between the feeling of acuteness and the feeling of quiet. In the quiet you have a chance to experience the space between thoughts, where nothing is worth thinking about and you simply feel a connection with yourself…